Hi Everyone,

I need advise on carrying retail skin care products. Im an esthetician & up to know I only carried my back bar products & the owner of the spa carried the retail.  I am moving to another spa & that owner wants me to carry both the back bar & retail.  Does anyone have any advise for me? I would really appreciate and feedback.  Thank you!

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I like Skin Script for the antiaging, multi-purpose & reasonably priced products. However I would ask the owner what is the average retail ticket? If they only sell $40 retail then using a line with $200 moisturizer probably won't sell to your demographic.

Do both places use the same line?  What product line does the new owner use, or can you choose?  Did you like the line in the previous job?   

Hi Jodi,


I was using Dermalogica but the spa owner was carrying the retail. Now in the new place I will also be using Dermalogica but the spa owner wants me to carry both back bar & retail products. Dermalogica is the only skin care line I've used.

Well that's good then, you are experienced with the line and selling the products.  I would talk to the folks at Dermalogica and find out the pricing, minimum order and markup and go from there.  Are you wanting advice on if you think this is the right thing to do?  I'm really not sure...as an employee of my spa, I don't have to carry anything.  Are you an independant contractor?  The bright side is, all the retail profit (minus restocking fees) would be yours, not the owners.  The downside would be keeping products in stock and knowing what and how much to order.  Sorry, I'm probably not much help. 


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