I am looking to add a skin care line to my spa that is sold to professionals only.   Any leads?  Thanks so much.

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you can find only few items on Amazon , but it is not legal sales

my  name is Nataly, I am  Area  Manager in  Forlle'd ... 

Forlle’d is a highly effective professional  anti-aging  skincare  line from Japan specifically formulated for all skin types.  It works simultaneously on the top and the dermal layer of the skin, providing Natural Biostimulation , Long-lasting skin Moisturizing and Visible Rejuvenating Effects.

The results have been compared to biorevitalization , without the need of injections.  
 Products combine Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Low Molecular Eggshell Membrane Protein, Pearl Protein and Ionized Minerals, Marine Collagen and Elastin, Peptides, Plant Extracts and other unique components that improve moisture retention, cell proliferation, while helping to replenish and rebuild skin’s natural collagen.  Thus, making the skin better by restoring skin structure and boost regeneration at the dermis level.

Skincare is really amazing , there is many information on the  web site and references from SPA director and doctors  explaining why is  great : )  

Kerstin Florian

I have a great botanical skin care line that I only sell to my clients. I use this product in the spa and recommend for home use. Everyone loves it and because it is fairly inexpensive since I don't distribute this product anywhere outside of the spa the margin is better then any other skin care line. In addition to that it creates an absolute loyalty since they keep coming back to repurchase it at the spa. No amazon. No other retailer carries my line.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this line please send me an email to yolanda@speranzi.com



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