Something else I'd like to get feedback on, do you prefer soft or hard wax and why?  I've used both in school and thought the hard wax was downright painful, and prefer strips.  I use strips and soft wax for all my waxing. What are the benefits of hard wax?  Maybe I just wasn't properly trained, since it seems alot of people like it better?  Thanks for your feedback!

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I was only trained with soft strip was as well!  I recently purchased hard wax and have been practicing on myself.  I was going to do my brows today.  Just from what I have read the hard wax is less painful bc it sticks only to the hair and not the skin and from what I understand, or at least the wax I am using, can grab smaller hairs and you can also rewax areas if you missed hairs, where as with the soft wax you shouldn't.  I use the Lycon wax ...... they have some good information on there. 

I defintiely need more wax training with both strip wax and hard wax because while I have done plenty of facial waxing, I have not waxed many legs, bikini or underarms and would like to be more confident in those areas. 

So hard wax shrink wraps around the follicle and doesn't stick to the skin. It also has a better chance of picking up hair that is growing in a different direction than I am applying, plus it works awesome in moist areas. It really is less painful on the labia lips.

Tip: Do put on a light coat of oil, wipe off excess, before waxing as it does help the wax not stick to the skin and come off easier. 

I use a film hard wax for the upper lip because it gets the more stubborn hair out.

For everything else I use a combination of soft wax, it all depends on my mood if I use honey or cream.

Hard wax does take LOTS of practice! You have to find the wax that works for you because not all created equal. I personally use Cirpriel Blue because even after it hardens it is still flexible. Others I have tried either are brittle or just don't setup and remain stringy. 

Tip: When creating your hard wax tab for removal on labia either create a tab on your hand to attach to the wax for removal or carry your strip down onto the butt check or thigh. My clients appreciate that I don't flick up my tab on their labia lips.

I have taken several advance classes on Brazilian waxing because I too was not really trained on hard wax, specially when it came to doing a Brazilian.

Hope that helps!

Hard wax is the bomb! I love working with it 'especially' the bikini/brazilian.  Cirepil have a new product now Lizabeth called 'cristalline' it goes on very, very thinly unlike the blue and is super flexible, easily removed and is by far the best wax i have ever used and i have been waxing down below for years with Cirepil blue.  I should be on commission with this company as i am always boasting about how good they are!   I would never advise you to do a bikini with soft wax.   Like Lizabeth said, it shrink wraps around the hair so it doesn't affect the skin.  Very easy to apply and remove.  I had a book published on waxing and the second one is due to launch in a few weeks,both books explains the differences.  Let me know if you want details as i am not here to self promote my work...just here to help you out with your question.

sorry meant to say 'hard wax shrink wraps around the hair. ..... need more coffee this a.m! :)

I would love to hear about your books because no one really ever goes into that info.

Hey Lizabeth...i was talking more towards Sheila as already you sound experienced in waxing.  The book explains for students or newbies about the difference in how to apply the wax and the different areas that the different waxes can be used.  Feel free to take a look and you may learn something new  ...  I wrote them for the very reason that Sheila has and that is lack of knowledge that wasn't learnt in beauty school etc.  I love to help people with waxing as it is a 'great' way to make money when you do it correctly and safely!

Thanks Lizabeth....let me know if you do order/try the Cristalline wax. It really is brilliant!  Remember it is applied very, very thin if you do get it.  xx

So great!  I can't wait to take a look at this.  Thanks so much!  I need to get over this fear of waxing.  I think the fact that I had laser hair removal doesn't help because I wasn't able to practice much on myself, and another girl in class was too!!  The demographic of my school was mostly mature women over 60 that weren't getting much waxed aside from the face.  They only showed us a video for brazilians.  I would love to feel more comfortable and get more education on waxing so thank you again!

how do you feel about satin smooth hard wax? I always use their soft wax for my full body waxing because I was only trained using strip wax....i really want to teach myself how to use hard wax, but I don't know where to start or how its different from using soft/strip wax. You seem very knowledgeable in the field, esp. because you have books specializing in waxing. Any comments are very helpful, Thanks! 

Thank you all so much!  I will definitely check out the link to the book.  We use strip wax for just about everything, I don't do brazillian, but have done bikini wax (as well as had it done) with strip wax and thought it worked just fine.  I don't own the spa where I work, but can definitely alert her to the brand you have stated works so well.  I would feel I would need practice. I know creating the tab was always a challenge for me.  Appreciate all the replies! 

Both hard and soft wax has come a long way. In my opinion the fastest way of waxing is using both soft and hard wax for brazilian waxing. There are soft waxes that act like hard wax for the top part and then hard wax the labia area. This is the technique that I use for my signature 7-min brazilian and its quite effective on all hair types.

You do have to practice waxing when using both hard and soft wax because waxing is a skill.


Happy Waxing!


You just mentioned 'tabs' Jodi. Funnily enough i am meeting with a lady on Monday who manufacturers 'tabs' for waxing.  She is newly launched.  I practiced with them the other day and i feel for a fast waxer they would slow you down ... BUT for somebody in training, i think they are a really good idea.  I will give you more scoop on them next week when i have met up with her to see how i can help her promote her product etc.     Stephanie is right also on applying soft wax to the top area of the bikini as this helps you pick up speed and then use hard wax on the labia (if you choose).  Some love soft wax all over the area....just wasn't my thing and everybody has their thing...otherwise we all be cloned, robots!! :)   The key as always in this industry, is doing what makes the client comfortable and safe, so she comes back for more.  Have a great weekend everybody!! :)

wow a 7-min brazilian!!! ...sounds quick! any tips when using hard wax, i'm not familiar but I need to get more aquainted :) 


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