Hi there.  I have a client scheduled for a lip/brow wax this afternoon.  When I scheduled the appointment I asked if she were on any medications such as Retin A, antibiotics.  She wasn't but just emailed me to say she is on Ketonazole for Tinea Versicolor that is "really flaring up right now". 

Should I cancel the appt?  My gut says if her skin is acting up, it would be a good idea to get it in check first.

What would you do?

Thanks so much,


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Cancel and reschedule...better safe than sorry!

Thank you, Stephanie.  That's what I was thinking.  I appreciate your response.


Well - not in time for the appt....but...

Most people have TV on their arms not their face.

I would have done the lip/brow appt. if no TV on face.

I agree with Cindy.....

With her being a new client you really dont know whats going on with her TV and the fact that she is on meds specifically for that you might be able to ask more indepth questions when you reschedule her.

Remember our clients really dont have to disclose any information about their medical history to us, so make sure when she comes back in that you ask if she is comfortable telling you her medical history or any other skin condition that she might have.

If and when you see her, make sure she signs the release form!  

This is ringworm.  If it is not on those two areas I personally would wax, but if it is heavy on the face I might stay away from it until it calms down as it might be irritated by the wax. Have you read about this disorder, according to some of the info on the internet the face is not typically an area that it flares and usually responds fairly well to treatment. This does not spread from person to person.  My suggestion to wax is strictly my opinion and I would have her be the final word, she may be use to the ailment and be ok with it. I don't know if you use a release form at all for waxing but if so I would make a note on it and have her sign it if she decides to wax, just CYA

TV is NOT ringworm.

You need to educate yourself to know the difference.

Ringworm is tinea corporis and is contagious...a contraindication for service.


Your statement is harsh, as you know nothing about me.  I failed to feel it necessary to give a complete medical lesson on the differences. I should not have stated that it IS ringworm, I should have stated that it is often referred as such. You are correct tinea corporis is contagious and a contraindication as are the other 8 or 9 areas affected by fungi caused by Dermatophytes.  Tinea Versicolor is often referred to as ringworm only it is not a classic ringworm as it is not caused by Dermatophytes it is caused by Malassezia Furfur and it is not contagious as stated above, and it is rare for it to present on the face. I only suggested the internet as it can be a quick reference to help her make a decision. My info comes from past medical training and working in a drs. office. My opinion as to wax or not to wax stands, if it is not on the face I would wax if the client wished me to do so and signed applicable forms and  would not wax if it presents anywhere on the face. I will refrain from general statements in the future. Julia simply posed a question for opinions as to wax or not.

Not sure why you think it is harsh to correct inaccurate info.

Nothing personal.

I don't want other people to read your statement and think it is true when it is not. 

I don't know anyone who would call TV ringworm...

cuz it's not.

I have no problem with your opinion on the waxing aspect and I did not say anything "harsh" about that.


Alright ladies..... Please play nice and be respectful.  

I totally agree! Wow! We are all professionals...please lets act like it :)

creo que es mejor cancelarla, por el bien del cliente y de usted


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