Hi everyone,

I am an esthetician in the Seattle area who is planning to relocate to your sunny state.  I am hoping you can share with me what current esthetic trends are like down there.  Over here clients have become very results oriented and there are many who prefer an all natural approach.  

I have looked into getting my license transferred and noticed that there are only 260 hours of schooling required and that the license is called for a facial specialist.  Are you still considered licensed estheticians or does one need to have more education for that?  Will I be allowed to perform peels and microdermabrasion?  

Anything you would like to share with me would be very appreciated!

Thank you so much,

Madeleine Bongiorno 

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Yes you are still considered a LE.  This is just one of a few states that do not require many hours for the license.  You are allowed to perform peels and microderm here.  Unfortunately the scope of practice here is a bit vague.  If your state's hours are more than here you should have no problem getting your license through endorsement.  It is very easy as I just did this a year ago coming from Colorado, in fact I did it all a couple of months before we left to move here.   What area are you planning on relocating to?  The area I live in (New Port Richey, FL) is a bit slow growing in the facial department but waxing is growing well for me now with Brazilians being the most popular.  I do believe that more results oriented services are what I will need to move into.  I am preparing to get more training in peels at this time.
Thank you Susan!  I shall be moving to Siesta Key.  Hmmm...waxing has never been my passion, but I am glad to know what people down there are most drawn to.  I need to take a good Brazillian course.  Is sugaring popular?  It has become very in demand here.

Yes, you are still a licensed esthetician with all privileges after 260 hours, and yes you can do peels, micros, etc. I don't think you need to take the 260 hours if you already have a valid, active license from a state that requires more hours. You just take a test and p[ay the fees. Look at www.myflorida.com under statutes for the correct and current requirements.

The climate for the business depends on where in FL you go as we are a state more hard hit than other states by the economy for a number of reasons. Some areas are better than others. Results are key, though, and natural is in demand but results trump natural if they have to choose between the two. Hope this helps

That does help, thank you Joellen!  I will be moving to the Sarasota area, hoping to set up there or preferably in Siesta Key.  I do not know how hard that area has been affected.  It is a little scary knowing that I will have to start from scratch building a clientele.

Hi Madeline, Those areas are faring better than the Treasure Coast, (where I am). We've been particularly hard hit. Sarasota has a lot of well off residents, especially in season, and the keys are a big tourist destination.

Oh yeah, that's the other thing, season. That is basically late Fall/Winter and early Spring. Summer here is sleepytown time because it's nasty hot/humid for about five straight months added to hurricane season May - November.  The winter residents leave and the year rounders go on vacation or else they are broke & not spending because the Snowbirds (and their money) are gone, usually between May and October/November. Just do your homework re: the areas you are considering. In the right place with the right set-up, you could do very well, but you have to be smart about it.

I recently looked into this and there is a requirement to take a basic HIV class before being licensed in Florida as an Esthetician.

Madeleine:  Yes we are considered Facial Specialist.  I am a full specialist which means I also am a Nail specialist.  Yes you can perform peels and do microdermabrasion.  I am also a certified Aromatherapist ( there are no license's for Aromatherapist in any of the 50 states).  As there people here are interested in both results and all natural approaches.  


Where will you be relocating to?


Florida is still experiencing a recession.


Yes you have to take the HIV class (don't all state require this?).  Also you must have 8 CEU's every two years (In Florida your license renews every 2 years)


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