I received my Time Master Friday and just tested it on myself.  This is the strangest feeling thing ever!!  Not in a bad way, it really does feel like a magnet!!  I don't have much elasticity loss and my face is kind of boney so it was hard to see lifting but my face definitely feels different!  I did one side at first and then did the other.  My question is how close should you go to the eye area?  I noticed when I went up by the temple my eye twitched and on the forehead was a bit zingy if that makes sense.  I only used it on LOW setting #1 but bumped it to a 2 to try it out, but I definitely would have to get used to that.  I am excited to have clients try this.  I am thinking about offering it as an add on to their facial for just $25 but first time they can test it for free or something like that.  I will be testing it on my mom as well...guinea pig!!  What are other Estys doing as far as treatment protocols, charging, etc?  I would love to hear from you all!! 

Questions for all that are using this machine already:

Now when I am explaining this to clients and saying that it opens up a pathway, what do I tell them when they ask HOW?  It is because of the micro current built in to it?  I just want to be able to give them a better explanation. 

Has anyone had a client that did not like the way it felt?  How long will the results last after one treatment?  I know you said best in a series of 10 and then maintenance.  Are you selling this as a full treatment or the 10 minute add on?  If someone wanted to come in for a quick treatment, cleanse, apply serum/gel mask, timemaster for 10 minutes or so, moisturizer, sunblock. How are you charging this treatment?  If you are doing a full facial, can you tell me your typical protocol/prioducts used.

I would definitely like to sell this as the firming facial where I cleanse with Skin Scripts Pom Cleanser, then glycolic cleanser with dermafile on top, use the Skin Scripts Passion Fruit Peptide, then massage in control correctives tri peptide firming serum, apply the control correctives firming mask, remove after 10 minutes, apply more peptide serum underneath either Skin Scripts Seaweed mask or the Control Correctives Hydrant Stabalizer, then perform time master, moisturizer sunblock.

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I cocktailed serums (vit c, ha, oxygen and firming peptide) and then I used Control Correctives Hydrant stabilizer.  I only put it in the area that I am going to work on so it doesn't dry up.  I would have used seaweed mask but this client has been sensitive to it before.

So thinking its worth it?

Excellent! Thank you!

We just finished formulating the Real PerformanceMist to be used with the Real PerformanceGel. I love that gel (with DMAE and Matrixl 3000) but it's on the expensive side so we made the mist (with yummy ingredients) to keep the slip without adding more product. I also really like the gelloid mask by MC Skin Care.

Must get incredible results with that gel Shelley! We all know those 2 ingredients ! patiently awaiting the Time Master (lol) 

Hi Ladies,

  I too use skin script products, but I use the Time Master with a Collagen Elastin Gel from Endear. It is a thick gel type mask with a lot of slip.  I do a lot of micro current in my business and found this to be the best with conducting the electricity.  You can purchase at Martini Beauty.  http://www.martinnibeauty.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&...

can you use the cc firming mask or the thermogel mask while using the time master?

I have a question. I received both of these from a former teacher who had them and was closing to just teach. They are in perfect working order but she had misplaced the manuals, how can I get new manuals? 


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