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  i'm new to this group and i'm not sure if this information is accurate or not, I've read on another post that  clients can received direct shipping from skin script for home care products..how does this work? do they get retail or wholesale prices? is it possible to have my skin care practice and not have any retail and just order directly from SS as per my clients' purchase needs?

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Yes, product can be shipped to clients. The client pays retail price you. Skin Script does not charge your clients.
You place order putting clients address in shipping address field. In comments put, "Shipping to client. Please do not include brochures, price list or any other paperwork. Thank you!"
You can run your practice in this manner even after you start to carry and retail.

Awesome! that's a great feature!!! I'm definitely think to include this in my practice!!! Thanks so much Ruby for your feedback & have a great day!

Thanks Ruby!  Said perfectly.


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