Here are my thoughts on the Midwest Beauty Show and Face and Body:

LOTS AND LOTS of those travel TENS units. it's like the Dead Sea Lotion company at the mall. They really try and hard sell you. I have to say my associate bought one. Not really impressed and you don't have to be a professional to sell them. AND ONE ON EVERY AISLE.

LOVED talking with the girls at SKIN DEEP, Dermaware, PFB, Dermaswiss, Clear My Head, Fake Bake and LOVE LOVE LOVE TIZO!!!

I am going to order the MIGRAINE MIRACLE and Pure Iventions antioxidant extracts, TIZO, and my new favorite CAILYN!!!

I really just walked by Cailyn. My associate bought some stuff from them. On the way home, I had that glitter eyeliner done which, by the way, I am apparently allergic to.  I had to take my makeup off PRONTO.  I used the Cailyn Makeup Melt. WOW!!! NICE STUFF! I also had them do my eyebrows with their gel eyebrow stuff. I swim a LOT and it's WATERPROOF!!!

I bought a cheapy microcurrent and thought it would be fun.  I used it on my 70 year old mom and it did amazing things in one treatment.  Wasn't expecting that!

LOVE my Spa Simplu!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I also bought an aroma diffuser.  It is awesome and I used their eucalyptus drops. Works terrificly!

I also bought some throw away eyebrow combs, 150 yards of Pellon, and some pedicure items for foot massages.  AND Baby FEET!!! Excited to try this amazing new product from Japan!


I was going to purchase the Jane Iredale makeup because it looks and feels so wonderful but they were so busy, I ended up just walking away.

Had a guy try and sell me a 5,000$ machine for under a Dr. office, which I don't have.  He couldn't explain what the heck it is!

Also had a demonstration of a crystal-less Microderm machine. Very interesting technology!

I also hit up every appointment software company that was there.  They were all just wonderful! But Vagaro had the right price and did all the same stuff and the guys there were amazing.


I was really angry that It Works! and Nerium were both there along with BIO OIL. Grrr!

Also, one of the TENS places in the end of 1600 wouldn't let my 70 year old mother sit down unless she bought something. I was FURIOUS and there was almost a fist fight. It takes a lot to get me PHYSICALLY violent.  I'm a true non-violent person. BUT HOLY COW!!!  I actually went to the organizers and COMPLAINED.  He actually said "If she is so elderly, she shouldn't come to this show and there are places around the corner."  IF we weren't on a time schedule I would have sat on the floor in FRONT of them and spoke out LOUDLY about how rude they were!

Otherwise, all was so much fun! Lots of fun cosmetics companies and tanning companies! Lots of fun machines, new technology, great classes, and wonderful people!  It was a lot of fun!

Feel free to post your comments or thoughts about them, or your favorite products you've found at a show!

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Comment by Cortney L'Nae on January 17, 2015 at 12:10am

You're 40th, my 35th...I be there too. 

Comment by Amy Sherman on March 28, 2014 at 8:47am

And does it have to be so LOUD and obnoxious?  I am going to go to the massage one next year so I can see how theirs is run.  We need something big, relaxing, with classes and classes and to see the next, newest, and greatest. 

Comment by Amy Sherman on March 28, 2014 at 8:45am

HAHA! Yes!  Can't we have this just for Esties somewhere like VEGAS?  Do ONE big Show where we can meet each other and actually TALK?  Take classes that are relevant? Almost NO machines! Grrr!  I am planning on going to Vegas next year in June (it just so happens to be the weekend of my 40th birthday) so I will be there!!! :D

Also, Sunday is so crowded and that's why we go on Saturday! :D

Comment by mk on March 27, 2014 at 2:32pm
As with the last 3 times I've gone to the show, I leave feeling exhausted and vow to never return. I don't fair well in those environments, haha. I'm too small and quiet. I couldn't believe how complicated it was to actually get in to the show. A ticket, a paper printed, and I STILL have to make a mile long trek to get my badge printed? Get your shit together ABS!

Anyways, I found some suspiciously effective off-brand wax remover, some deliciously soft headbands...picked up info on dermaware (they are waiving their minimum orders online for anyone that attended the show, btw). Waited at the eminence table for a good hour before I could even get an order form (I never did get up to the table, I just had to guess what I wanted to try). I was looking for something like Shelley's Celluma, but I either didn't see it or they didn't have anything. I'll be honest, I was stressing out after about 30 minutes, and didn't make too much of an effort to find the things I went for.

I'm moving to Phoenix at the end of this summer, so I guess my next trade show adventure will be in Vegas ^_^

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