Hello my wise and wonderful colleagues.  I had a new Brazilian client yesterday and as I was examining her skin I noticed something on on her upper inner thighs and at closer look found that she had blackheads on both. Not just one or two, but dozens.  Has anyone ever run across this and if so, what did you do?  She said that she has had them for years and that nothing she has tried has worked.  Would really like to help her, but not sure if what I would normally use for my acne clients would be appropriate for that area considering product migration to the brazilian area and other body openings.  Thanks for your insight and input. 

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Wow, I've never seen that before! Was the client heavy? I mean, could they be due to chaffing? How odd. 

I offer bikini 'facials' to clients who get ingrown hairs....I will sometimes extract them or do some form of chemical exfoliation. My first thought would be to get her on an acne body wash and an ingrown hair solution with salicylic. Make sure she is exfoliating and moisturizing the area regularly. I would be tempted to extract a few at a time....but that area is so limited in air exposure and often exposed to moisture and sweat...I would be a bit nervous. Huh. Wish I could see her. 

Hmm, that is definitely strange... Does she exfoliate regularly?  I would suggest getting her on a specific body care regimen and see if that helps before I would try to extract them.  An area like that can be dangerous to be potentially spreading bacteria.

I think the pumpkin body peel by h2t will work

she should use witch hazel, that may help too. I like the pumpkin body peel idea.

Thanks everyone for your input. She said that she has lost over 100 pounds in the last year and that she read online that this is a common occurrence among people that have lost a significant amount of weight and that there is even a name for it. She couldn't remember the name and I can't seem to find it either :(

She did say that she has tried "different" things (exfoliations, creams, washes etc) without any success.  Next time I see her I will see if I can get a pic to post to give you a better idea of what is going on.

Been doing some research, thought I'd share.  My client said that she had seen a doctor and he had called this condition by a name, that she could not remember, but found that it was common among people that had lost significant amounts of weight.  Here is what I came across in my surfing, it's pretty interesting.   The condition is called Hidradenitis suppurativa


This most closely resembles what she presents with, though she does not have the hair in the thigh area.

I would suggest don't extract them!!!!! She need to go to dermatology doctor!!!!

Are they different from blackheads on the face/back? Just trying to understand why you'd refer out?


If you look on the Internet about this condition you will understand . http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hidradenitis-suppurativa/DS00818
It's not just regular acne or blackheads ,

thank you for the link! I will have a look.

It was informational, as it is considered acne I would still treat with my Face Reality Acne products before referring out.


I have seen this before and treated it as I would on the face and simply extracted the pore...simple as that! Told the client to use scrub in the area.


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