Can anyone please recommend a software program that i can use for my at home esthetician business?

Hoping that you all can give me some advice...starting up my business..want it to be professional as possible...I would like to know if there is some kind of computer software program i can purchase to use for keeping track of my clients, booking appointments, entering expenses and what not?  I do not want to pay a monthly fee for I am a one woman deal....any suggestions i would truly appreciate it!!  I would like to be able to access it easily (maybe link to my phone too?)  There has to be something like that out haha

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Go buy Quickbooks and then do Google Calendars.  Quickbooks can be complicated but the learning curve with anything will be tough but once you get it, it will be the best to start with.  YOur asking a very complicated question and there are so many answers its not even a laughing matter.  Good luck, ok.  This is a hard thing to decide and in the end with so many options you have to try a few options and see what works.  You said no monthly fee so that eliminates a lot of online options and then calendars as well so I picked google since you get for free and see it on your phone.  $200 or so for quickbooks and its a one time deal.  Hope this helps.


Hi Christina! 

I just started using Styleseat and am really happy with it so far. It's specifically for beauty professionals.

It provides you with a profile with bio, treatments, specialties, location, & availabiltiy. Clients can book online. It keeps track of your clients, revenue/sales, and there is a function to send email/text alerts to you and email reminders to clients. The basic profile is free but if you upgrade to use all the features it's only $25 a month. 

I love it because there is also a phone app and clients can write recommendations, too. :)

Wishing you all the best! 

 I just left the spa I was at for a year and am venturing out on my own. I'm excited and nervous for this next chapter!


I'm looking into Vagaro, heard great things about it on a LinkedIn forum and it's reasonably priced and they also give you a website!  One user is $25 and you can get a free trial.  Try

Have you upgrade and what are the benefits


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