Hey fellow Esthies! I want to warn you about what happened to me and save you money, time, and grief. I attended a class at the local college where they were featuring the Dermatude Machine which is Meta-Therapy. The powerpoint boasted of the results being as if you could put off a facelift for 10 more years. They showed photos and claimed that the results were astounding. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. BUT...I wanted to be sure so I booked a class with them, traveled to Orlando, which is an 8 hour drive for me, stayed in a hotel for two nights, attended two classes (which I was told at the time of the booking were "advanced" classes and were not). At the time of the first class they offered three sizes of the "needles" needed to perform the facial treatment. Well....suddenly they would not be selling the two needles needed to acheive the results they boasted. They said we would have to take the advanced class, which they said they would have in May, so I was ok with that knowing that I would be able to get these needles and perform the face treatments. I bought the machine, which they sold in a starter kit that came with enough supplies to start three clients. The kit was $3500. About a month or so ago I started calling to find out about the advanced class. WELL...there would not BE an advanced class because they didn't feel comfortable selling the smaller needles to Estheticians in the US. SO, beware before you fall for this. I have used the machine with the larger needles on two clients and myself and have not seen a difference at all...and the treatments are expensive because everything you use is a one time use only, cannot be sanitized. You cannot acheive results using the 18pt and 38pt. needles, their portfolio even shows this so don't fall for their sales pitch. At best, the skin feels a little tighter, but it doesn't last. If you attend Premiere Orlando you'll see this demonstration and she may demo the smaller needles, but she won't sell them to you.

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So you bought the machine?  I looked at the photo results and the subjects had horrible skin-- which is the trick-- you and your friends probably have cared for skin so you won't see as dramatic a result as you see with neglected skin.

I bought the machine under the guise that I would be able to take the advanced class and then be able to purchase the 7 and 9 pt needles.  I live in the South so almost all my clients have prematurely aged skin, and most are smokers, so i have a great need for the entire ability of the machine. Basically I was just trying to warn everyone that you will NOT be able to see those kinds of results using the needles that they are allowed to sell in the US.  They don't even have the decency to put up before and afters just showing the 18pt and 38pt needles.  I believe that it's illegal to falsely advertise results.  At the least it's unethical.  

Thanks for the heads up. Sorry you encountered such an experience but appreciate that you took the time to let us know of your experience.


I'm scheduled to take a class here in Houston on the 15th. I will go just for education and to learn more about needling. But will start out with dermapen or skinpen. Any suggestions on any other type of needling pens on the market?

Is the class with the Dermatude machine?  It's still a good facial, don't get me wrong, but no where near the results they are touting because of the smaller needles not being sold any longer.  I would steer clear of the Dermapen because the FDA is investigating them, google it.  I don't know of any other needling procedure that is safe.  Dermatude IS safe...the needles only go down to .05mm which is where it needs to be to deliver the serums. Any further and you could cause bleeding.  So it's just a matter of what you think your clients will buy and you can't even show them results right now with the needles that they sell because all of their results were based on the smaller needles in addition to the larger one.  My client who just finished her series says her skin does feel more firm and hydrated. 

Yes. It's Dermatude. I will most definitely ask about the smaller needles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If she demonstrates them, then ask why she's demonstrating needles you won't be able to buy and you can tell her you know of someone who has the machine and cannot purchase the smaller needles.  OR if she shows the before and afters, you will see where they say 8x18pt. with 4x7/9pt., then ask, "Do you have ANY before and after photos with JUST the 18pt needles?"  Here's the thing, either way, even when I was on good terms with them in the beginning, their communication is really bad...you can never get them on the phone and the orders are ALWAYS backordered...so you have to wait to start a new client.  It's just not a good company in my opinion.  Not professional at all. 

Thank you. I'm mainly going to get education. The machine is out of my budget right now. I'm getting a crystal microdermabrasion with oxygenating system all in one.

Ms Monique, which crystal microdermabrasion with oxygenating unit did you end up purchasing?  I'm ready to make the plunge.  Thx Erica R

My friend bought this as well about 4000$ and had the same experience. Not only they stopped selling the small needles but also many of the products you're supposed to use with it were out of stock. So here u are trying to promote over 400 service worth a month but u can't actually do the service. This machine would be great if it came with what is needed. But for 4 grand machine idk if it's worth it

It is such a scam!  I am thinking of hiring a lawyer...if I do, I would like to do a class action suit.


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