Does anyone have experience with this company and their machines? 

I'd love to hear how you like it!

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I am also interested in LED Equipment.  I have only found a few. Any help on the most for the money.?? Or just the best one?

I'm working with a company developing a LED panel for a reasonable price. I have two panels (two treatment rooms!) and wouldn't be without them but they were pretty expensive. In the meantime, I have a LED mask on my website you can check out. With the push of a button you can change from red to blue. I played around with it on myself before deciding to purchase them in bulk, so they do work well! I've already had someone purhcase a second that means she is happy with it!


Here's the info:


Hi Shelly. I went to your website and checked out the LED mask. How much would one charge for per treatment with this mask? And how often would they need to use to see any kind of results? Would it be an add-on? Also, how long would you recommend they wear the mask while at the spa? I have some clients that this would probably be of interest to. THANKS!

Thanks for your questions!! I have clients that come for just a LED appointment in between their regular treatments. I charge $40 for 30 minutes. I don't charge a lot because I'm in the other room making phone calls and having a cup of tea! I want to encourage them to come in often, so I keep the price reasonable. With this LED mask, they can even be sitting comfortabley in a chair, so you can still be using your treatment room. As an add-on, I'd charge $25 for 15 minutes. For acne, it's really beneficial to use blue (to kill the bacteria) and then red (for the inflammation).

What is coming in "often" with the mask? Like a couple times a week? Or less than that? I have some clients that would really benefit if it helps to clear acne. Is the mask safe for pre-teens with this problem as well?

With acne I have them come in at least twice a week for three weeks if they can fit that into their schedule. Yes, it is perfectly fine for the pre-teens.

For my anti-aging clients, they like to come in once or twice in between their regular monthly treatments jsut to lay under the LED. They can certainly come in every week...the more often the better for their results!!

Thanks! As soon as I can affor one of these...I am in!!

I own the Petite model LED. I like it and my clients that are die hard LED fans love the results. I've had to repair the wands a few times in the past 3 or 4 years but was just an easy glue fix. I am interested in their new microcurrent that plugs into petite or other system. Have you heard anything on that. I wonder if it would be stronger than my little bt micro?

Hi Laura,

Thanks for weighing in. Glad to hear you like their petite unit. I was wondering the same thing about their microcurrent. I was actually trying to decide between it and the bt micro. They have a 30 days no questions asked return policy so I was thinking about trying it on a model once a week for 4 weeks and then I could return it if I didn't feel the results were worth it.

I'm not an engineer, and don't understand the way these machines function, but Joseph at Dermawave really seems to know his stuff, and I've been impressed with is prompt responses to my inquiries.

How do you like the bt micro? Do your clients see good results?



Yes, my clients do see results from bt micro. Mostly during the peel mode because it cleans out pores and extracts low grade milia like a breeze. I too like that about Dermawave and their prices are just right.

Oh! I'm sorry- the bt micro is their ultrasonic skin scrubber, right?

I was thinking of the bt nano- which is their mini micro-current unit.  

I have the micro and love it....was trying to decide between the bt nano or the dermawave for a small micro-current unit. I don't want to srop $$$$$ on micro-current just yet...but I'd like to play with it..

Have you used the bt nano?

No, in fact I forgot they had it. Do you know the cost? I am still not sure if the ultrasonic has the same effect as micro current ? Also, I have read many unsupportive reviews online about microcurrent. No sure which route to go,


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