Does anyone have experience with this company and their machines? 

I'd love to hear how you like it!

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I have been researching the Bio Therapeutic led unit and the Bio genisis- Derma frac.....

Does any one have any thing to add about ether of those? 

I believe the bt nano is $995 on it's own, $1600 with "consumables" -You know, they want you to use their product as well.

I talked to one of their Reps recently and the nano was on sale for $695, not sure if it still is. 

It's so hard to know what to do. I do know the time I saw a client who had micro-current done (see comment below) the results were pretty dramatic but went away after she stopped. 

Hi Andrea.  I am trying to find cheapest machines that delivers results for the following: microcurrent, red LED therapy.  They can be separate machines. I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!


I've read with Microcurrent machines that it takes 10 treatments or even more and they have to keep coming every week and I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of stating it will make a difference for wrinkles and then if they client doesn't see any improvement they will want their money back. It's just a hard sell in my opinion. I am interested in LED though and I'm keeping my eye out for what Shelley Hancock is promoting with LED (she has an LED mask right now) or Microdermabrasion since there's always new machines coming out. I think the smart thing for any of us to do is try to look at our competition in our area, see what machines for services they're promoting and the cost before offering your own service.

LED is kind of the same situation. It takes about 6 treatments for full effect. Minimum 1x/ week or every other week. There is very little we can do as Estys that will make a WOW moment after first treatment. It's very difficult to know what technology to go with.
I agree, there is no quick fix..which I tend to run into clients that expect a facial to create amazing miracles just one time! Like their skin is going to glow for a week or just unrealistic expectations so I try to be careful that I don't get into sticky situations, so hard to know if these machines are really worth the expenses.

It's true- micro-current does take multiple treatments and must be maintained. The way I've heard it put is that you are re-educating the facial muscles, similar to working out. One of my clients got a gift card to a spa that offers it, she only had 3 treatments done over a 2 week time period. I could tell a difference. I  thought at first she had a filler injected. It has now been over a month and the effects are diminished. 

The full sized units are very expensive, and I'm not 100% confidant that this is something I could sell enough of to justify such a large purchase, which is why I am considering investing in a smaller unit to try it out and see how my clients respond. 

I think a lot of clients don't realize that us Estys are in the same boat they are.....wading through a bunch of "snake oil",  trends and marketing hype  to find products and services that are the real deal. That is the main reason I joined  here, to get unbiased opinions from other professionals inmy field who aren't trying to sell me anything. 


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