I received my Time Master Friday and just tested it on myself.  This is the strangest feeling thing ever!!  Not in a bad way, it really does feel like a magnet!!  I don't have much elasticity loss and my face is kind of boney so it was hard to see lifting but my face definitely feels different!  I did one side at first and then did the other.  My question is how close should you go to the eye area?  I noticed when I went up by the temple my eye twitched and on the forehead was a bit zingy if that makes sense.  I only used it on LOW setting #1 but bumped it to a 2 to try it out, but I definitely would have to get used to that.  I am excited to have clients try this.  I am thinking about offering it as an add on to their facial for just $25 but first time they can test it for free or something like that.  I will be testing it on my mom as well...guinea pig!!  What are other Estys doing as far as treatment protocols, charging, etc?  I would love to hear from you all!! 

Questions for all that are using this machine already:

Now when I am explaining this to clients and saying that it opens up a pathway, what do I tell them when they ask HOW?  It is because of the micro current built in to it?  I just want to be able to give them a better explanation. 

Has anyone had a client that did not like the way it felt?  How long will the results last after one treatment?  I know you said best in a series of 10 and then maintenance.  Are you selling this as a full treatment or the 10 minute add on?  If someone wanted to come in for a quick treatment, cleanse, apply serum/gel mask, timemaster for 10 minutes or so, moisturizer, sunblock. How are you charging this treatment?  If you are doing a full facial, can you tell me your typical protocol/prioducts used.

I would definitely like to sell this as the firming facial where I cleanse with Skin Scripts Pom Cleanser, then glycolic cleanser with dermafile on top, use the Skin Scripts Passion Fruit Peptide, then massage in control correctives tri peptide firming serum, apply the control correctives firming mask, remove after 10 minutes, apply more peptide serum underneath either Skin Scripts Seaweed mask or the Control Correctives Hydrant Stabalizer, then perform time master, moisturizer sunblock.

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Hi Shelia,

It's an AMAZING little tool! Every client but 1 has LOVED it and asked for it again. I do the 1st one complimertary with a facial. I have never had a person ask "how" the machine opens a pathway.

I charge $80 per session  and do a mini facial (1 cleanse, tone, apply ageless serum or green tea serum or both, seaweed mask do electroporation, massage seaweed into skin, take off with towel, apply moisturizer and spf) or (add on to facial $30) Series of 3 $225 Series of 6 $420

This is what I tell my clients.... Electroporation is the most effective non-evasive, needle free technology available to safely transfer skin care products into the skin. It’s the latest technology to penetrate products through the skin bilayer. It uses electromagnetic waves to modify the structure of the cell membrane thus creating hydrophilic pores (channels) through which products in aqueous solutions can surpass the skin barrier. This process stimulates your skin to enable muscle toning, draining of liquids from intercellular space , and the production of new collagen and elastin.


Ps I have even used the Lemon Zest on my skin with it....It was a little sticky and not much slip. Won't do that again. But my skin felt awesome. =)

WOW!!  Thank you!  This helps a lot and so glad we are using the same products as well!! 

Sheila - 

I just got mine too and haven't figured pricing or add ons either.  I felt A LOT of activity on level 1 and called Shelley at first just to make sure that was okay - lol!  I have zero experience in microcurrent so the sensation was strange to me at first.  i have tried it on others and they could easily go to higher level without the facial twitching that I experienced on level 1.  My eye and mouth move like crazy using this thing!  Jamie - that's a great explanation!  I do a lot of peels and have hesitated using it on a lot of my clients unless I'm using enzymes.  I need to play more!  I was also thinking of using this with the passionfruit firming enzyme.  Interested to see what others have to say. Thanks for posting!

Awesome!  Glad we are in this together!!  I am going to try this on another Esty that I trade with tomorrow.  She is usually up for being a guinea pig too.  Glad what I was feeling seems to be normal.  It is so crazy!! 

So how is this great tool working for y'all? Have you figured out pricing yet

I have only used it on 2 clients and myself and the clients were trades so I did for no charge.  I like the idea of having it as a $30 add on so I am advertising a firming facial for $95. 

How are the results Sheila ? are you liking it better than the spatula? Are you also using LED with this treatment?

so far I have just used this alone not with LED.  When I used on myself, while I didn't necessarily see results, I felt them!!  I didn't do a full facial with it either, just did the time master after the shower.  I will keep you posted once I offer to more clients.  I am thinking about the first time add on is no charge so they can check it out.  Who knows. :).

Sheila - have you had a chance to to do some firming facials with the SS Passionfruit and Timemaster together. I'm about to work on wording this treatment and adding it to my menu.

Yes!!  Actually I did this on a client last week, but didn't use passionfruit, I did a vitamin c mask because she was dry and dehydrated..but then I did a control correctives firming mask, followed by electroporation.  She was amazed at the results.  She had not been sleeping well so her eyes were very tired and dehydrated...they plumped right up.  I am still trying to get used to it myself.  I did another treatment on myself a few days ago.

What are you using with the electroporation - I've only tried the real performance gel and the seaweed mask.  I may do the combo on myself again tomorrow. I want to do a series on myself just to see what happens!  I need my mother in law to volunteer to do this series for me so i can do some testing and get some before and after pics.

I'm using a thin layer of the Real PerfromanceGel and then the Gelloid Mask on top for the conduction and slip...it's on my website on the "spaecialty products/tools" page. It's a big tub for $49.95. It has some great hydrating igredients in it! We call it The Hydration Bomb!


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