Can anyone recommend magnification glasses that would work well for waxing?  My mag light is attached to a unit and doesn't remain in the position needed, and I need a little more magnification than the lens provides. 

Many thanks!


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I use this thing that fits over my head, it also has a light. It came with four mag strengths, (2.5-10) you can use two together. I really see more than I need to. It was about $ 80., my only complaint is that sometimes when I have to wear it too long it does hurt a bit. I wear my hair really short so have to keep it pretty tight.


Thank you Deborah!  Could you please give me the info on where to purchase it. 

I got mine at Essential Spa Tools-San Antonio but I just found this that looks exactly like mine-at alot less.

IN fact after looking below, the Harbor freight one looks the same at way cheaper-

Thanks so much Deborah!!

The one at hardware stores cost $10 and they work great!

Really!  I'll check it out today!  Thanks Devyn!!

BioTherapeutic has a mag light "headset" type thing that has about 5 diff magnification lenses.  I think it's around $100.

Thanks so much Crickett!  I'll check it out!

For anyone who may be interested I found the BT mag light headset on Amazon for $49.95!

If you are "cheap" like me you can get this one...

It is exactly the same as the ones I saw for sale at the trade shows for $50.

I can't use the highest lens magnifier as I can't work that close...and sometimes I have to flip the lens up when I have to see where to dip my wax applicator in the wax pot.

I got it a couple of weeks ago - bonus is that it is great for doing extractions! I've only had two facials with extractions so far but I found this much easier than my mag light

Thank you Cindy!!

Many thanks to all of you for your help in guiding me to a mag light!  I will research them all to see which one makes the best fit for me.  Thanks again for all your support!  It's great!!


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