Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been doing some research on wax and I wanted to get some expert opinions. I have been looking through SO MANY different brands. It really bums me out how many good waxes are available in other countries and not so much in the states. Or if it is available here, it's super expensive and the distributors don't have every flavor to try. Bummer. I've looked at Lycon, and ordered a sample from their US distributor. I've heard great things, but the price is just crazy. I also found a smaller brand that I'd never heard of, and ordered samples of all 5 of their hard waxes. I'm really doing my best to find the wax that is most cost effective, that works like I need it to.

On to the whole point of this post...this small brand I'm referring to, Wax Necessities, has a natural, unscented, transparent wax that has some pretty good reviews. I was curious if anyone has ever added any essential oils or fragrances to their wax, or would it ruin it? I've been searching HIGH AND LOW for a tea tree wax that we used to use at the spa where I currently work, but I just cannot find a US distributor that carries anything even remotely similar. It was SO GOOD. I'm pretty sure my boss orders from Alibaba.com and just orders HUGE bulk orders, and that just isn't possible for me. Minimum order on those wholesale websites is several thousand dollars, which is A LOT of wax and I'd have no where to store it all! I also don't want to take that kind of risk in case the one I choose turns out to be crap. 

So again, could you add tea tree oil or anything else to hard wax, or would it ruin it? If nobody knows, I'm testing it out on the little bit of wax I have left in my bathroom!!

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Just received my first samples. Desert rose by Lycon, and Berodin blue. So far, the smell of the Lycon wax is about to make me vomit. I mean seriously, it smells like burning rubber. I can't imagine putting this on my clients. Holy crap. I added a few drops of tea tree oil. It didn't effect the wax negatively. Just made it smell like minty burnt rubber. I did the same with the Berodins just to see. Worked just fine! So far, Berodin wins because the smell doesn't make me wanna vomit. Sorry Lycon. I can't be dealing with pukey clients every time I do a lip wax.
If I recall, GiGi waxing company has tea tree wax for sensitive skin.. look them up
Not sure about the oils, but Se-Brazil wax as well as Beelicious wax are both awesome and affordable. Hope this helps.

Thanks Kristy! 

You're very welcome

I realize this is an old post, but it's never a good idea to add anything to any wax.  Waxes are specially formulated to have the own consistency, pliability, spreadability and effectiveness.  When you add ingredients to them you will change that and the product will not perform as it was intended. 

Affordable means different things to different people.  But when you are looking for a wax, performance and comfort should be at the top of the list in must haves.  As waxing is the most profitable service you can perform, you should be pricing your services as such.  Depending on what way you are using it only costs $2-$4 to do a Brazilian, so if you are charging well for your service you can afford a good wax.  Value what you offer and clients will too. 


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