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  hello! I recently joined this forum and have been an avid reader of your educational and inspiring posts, I've recently left my position a couple of months ago of working for a franchise spa to work on my own brand of services. I consider myself fortunate to have a supporting family as well as a long-held passion that fuels me to work on my own. I found an amazing tiny studio for an enviable rate in California, I couldn't say no to, but it's so tiny I only have space for a threading style chair, a couple of trolleys and my tiny desk. I'm so looking forward to this adventure but it feels a little overwhelming because I know it takes a long while to establish yourself, get customers to trust you as well as recommend you. I have y own website, signed for instagram & yelp, signing up for groupon/living social & let my friends know and now I'm in the waiting game to book clients to my space. I hope to tap into advice from you experienced gurus as well as share some of the pearls that I've learned so far. What a lovely forum!

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I run a weekly ad in my local newspaper. I post on social media and send out a monthly email to my clients. I actually go out and hand out flyers and I speak to everyone about my business. Good luck.

thanks so much Patricia, great suggestions:-)


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