How to choose laser and other equipment the right way?

Lasers and other hair removal devices, such as IPL, have taken deep root in aesthetic medicine, stimulating many beauty shop owners to set sights on purchasing such devices to attract new patients to their clinics.

Modern statistical investigations have proved laser hair removal to be one of the most demanded procedures in the beauty and health industry. Besides, the procedure efficiency, reliability and its ease of use are beyond doubt even among skeptics.

Technological solutions, used in laser medicine, are developing in huge strides, and at the same time, we are witnessing not only the existing techniques upgrading but also the appearance of completely different opportunities to fundamentally change the cosmetology services market quality.

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Not sure if this is a question or not, but let me share a couple of experiences. An IPL machine is a poor substitute for a laser device. The only people who would tell you otherwise are the people selling them.

If you want happy customers, get a laser for hair removal.

Secondly, like all equipment, if you buy used you should understand the nature of the equipment. The manufacturers will not service your equipment unless you pay them a massive fee (as much as $25,000) for re-certification. If you buy used, you must be able to have access to an independent service technician trained on your equipment. All equipment needs servicing. Service calls are typically $795 minimum.


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