I am currently selling my Hydrafacial Nectre machine (tabletop size).  I also have extra tips to go with it.  I used to work in the spa industry and then did a 180 with my career and now work in the financial industry.  And while I love giving myself a Hydrafacial from time to time, it's a shame to have this machine just sitting at home.  I would like $3000 for this machine.  Edge Systems does not even sell this model anymore and the least expensive version they have goes for $20,000.  If you are truly serious about purchasing, please send me an email at Malibukc2000@yahoo.com.  I have the original box that I can ship it in.  Please note that Edge Systems requires you to get a license agreement through them which I believe is $7000, but you may want to call them to find out the details.  I originally bought the machine in December 2011 and have done approximately 60 treatments with the machine. Everything works perfectly.  I do have some extra serums that I can send too, but they may be expired, but could possibly be used for practicing??  

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Hello,  Can this be used with the current tips and bottles of solutions?


Yes, however I just sold the machine.  Thank you for your interest.


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