Massage Therapist/Skin Care Specialists Special Program Coming Up

I just want to let you know that I have developed a Beauty On Command: Natural Facelift System that can be offered to all of your clients. It will help to save your hands from working so hard because you can earn a lot of money .

It completely replaces the need for Botox and even plastic surgery. I have tested it for 2 years and the results are consistent with a facelift without the risk and downtime.

I will be marketing it to professionals like you sometime in June/July. If you are interested in offering this program to your clients please send me your information as a reply to this posting. The one-on-one training will begin in August 2015. Please visit my website to see the package and its cost to clients. People have no objections paying this high price because they get what is promised. 

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Are you struggling to keep your clients coming back?

Are you being paid for you're worth?

I am super excited to tell you that the Train-The-Trainer program is almost ready. 

Please join me on my Facebook page to learn about the details as they become available.

I am planning to have a webinar introducing this revolutionary skin care business system:

Beauty On Command Method.

This program is geared towards skin care professionals who have their own business for at least

2 years or want to start their business and be successful right from the start.

Today consumers don't care about the fancy equipment nor the location so much they want the results.

This might be a reason why they don't come back to us so frequently since every doctor in town offers a

quick solution for them with the injectables or even facials.  What if you learn how to market your business correctly without spending lots of money on it, what if you add an unique skill that will put your business above the rest?

Learn how to be present on social media and get google reviews to drive traffic and until now you might have not liked the groupon customers but you'll learn how to make Groupon traffic work for you.

This program will help you to adopt to a different mindset for your business as we have entered  a Wellness Revolution 

In my training you'll learn business skills and marketing skills that can't be competed with.I can't wait to share it with you. Again, please join the Facebook Page to be in the know. I have lots to share with you as I want you to be successful.

When  you help your clients to get what they want they'll be more than happy to come back every month for more of your gifts.


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