I've recently been hearing alot about NeriumAD.  A client I saw on Friday was raving about it.  Have any of you investigated this product or had any clients who have used it?  I realize this is a MLM company but I'm always curious to learn more about products my clients have good results with.

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I too have heard of Nerium and have been bombarded recently with reps trying to get me involved w this company. I tried it for 5 days and wasnt terribly impressed with my results but people LOVE and absolutely RAVE about this product so much to the point that these reps are quite frankly beginnig to drive me a bit ceazy LOL! I think it is more like a cult LOL! All kidding asside, I did consider selling it until I was told that it is an MLM company. Thats what turned me off.. I am self employeed and felt I needed to focus on my business. I enjoy retailing the products I sell now and feel I can make more money focusing on the products I currently sell.. :)

We can definitely make more retailing our professional products!  Selling MLM products isn't near as profitable, the way to make money there is building a team and I'm just not into that.  But because there has been so much talk about the products i was curious if anyone had tried them.  :)  The before/after pics on their website look too good to be true.

Completely agree with you! I too am not into the buiding team concept and wish these companies would just go away! LOL!


I thought the same thing about the before and after pics LOL! Take care! :)

I never heard of it and I don't  want to see any rep from this company.

Hahaha! I hope they don't try coming after you Lucie!! They are absolutely NUTS!! Perhaps (like I told Laurie) this could quite possibly be a Nerium cult of some sorts! LOL! The reps are soo persistent and quite annoying... ;)

So sad that anyone would be annoying when it comes to sales.  It's such a huge turn-off for most people.  MLM can be a good business model, many people have made lots of money in network marketing.  I tried it a while back (sort of felt obligated to help a friend) but it just wasn't something I was good at.  I'm not willing to be pushy and I guess that's what MLM has turned into.  I'm sure there are some good MLM products out there, NeriumAD may be one of them, but network marketing has gotten such a bad wrap because of the pushy and obnoxious sales people that most of the people I know won't even consider buying from them.

My husband and I and a couple of my friends tried it and did not see the results they promise. All we all got was smoother feeling skin but a good exfoliation can give you that. 

I belong to a professional networking group and one of our recent mixers was sponsored by Nerium AD, so I had no choice but to sit in on the presentation.  I was extremely skeptical when it first started, but by the end of the presentation, I must admit, I was rather curious, because the before and after shots seem to be quite impressive.  I can't imagine how one serum works on both deep wrinkles AND large pores as well as hyperpigmentation and rosacea, but according to the before and after pics, this seems to be the case.  I am absolutely in love with the skin care line that I already use and sell (it so happens to be sold via a Direct Sales model, so that does not bother me if it is an absolutely remarkable product), however, I was not looking to get involved with another line.  

Here are a few of my observations/concerns:

--there are some estheticians who do offer the serum and seem to be absolutely convinced, based on their clients' results.  Say what you will about a distribution model, but results can speak for themselves.

--apparently, the serum has a very earth smell that some people really dislike.

--currently the company only sells one product, the serum.  They recommend it be used after washing your face at night, and then in the morning, don't wash your face again (??) and then apply the serum once again.  This is what I have a real problem with--ok, even if it is a great serum, I am a firm believer in cleanse, tone, moisturize am & pm, and I'm not going to suggest anything that contradicts this.

--as for statement above, I'm sure when their future products that are in development are released, suddenly they will be recommending their cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye creme, etc. (I've heard 5 more are in development).

--The product retails for $110 a month, but if you get on auto-ship, you get it for $80 + shipping per month.  I sell amazing products that retail for less and last up to 6+ months, so I find this outrageously expensive.

--As a consumer, if you turn 3 friends on to the product via autoship, your autoship is free.

--I tend to avoid autoship because I feel like you end up with a stock pile of product (this has happened to me with vitamins and that drives me nuts).

--There are contraindications and I do believe that it shouldn't be used with AHAs or retinols, among other treatments/ingredients.  I was almost willing to give it a shot until I started thinking that I'm not going to offer something that doesn't work with everything that I currently offer (and know works well).

--I tried to contact 2 estheticians who are associated with the brand as independent "brand partners" but received no response.  Maybe that was a blessing! 

Just thought I'd share the bit of research that I've done!

Thanks so much for your detailed response Emilie.  My client who has been selling Nerium for almost a year now gave me a bottle for free so I decided to try it.  I used it for 7 days (at night only because thats what she instructed me to do) and used my regular antioxidant and sunscreen moisturizer in the morning.  The serum (if you can call it that) is very thick so it's recommended you apply it on a damp face or mix a little water in your finger tips as you apply it.  It has a strange smell but it didn't bother me and it diminished within a few minutes.  Once the product has dried it leaves the skin feeling tight and almost chalky, a very strange feeling.  I've always had oily skin so it didn't really bother me but I had to wonder how people with dry skin would feel about not having that hydrated feeling.  My skin felt fine in the morning, not dry but not oily either.  I was told not to cleanse in the morning so i just splashed with warm water and applied my day treatments.  I can honestly say I didn't see any difference in my skin after that period of time but then I had a hard time believing I would.  Maybe if a person has never used good products they will see changes in a week but if you have been using high quality skin care I doubt you will see a difference that quickly, if at all.  I have to wonder how many people in the before/after pictures they have on the website never really used much on their skin at all. 


I was ready to give the bottle back to my client but she asked me to keep it and use it on my husband.  I told her I would and I will take before/after pictures of him to be really fair.  I'm sure if there is a change to be made he will see it much more quickly than me since he rarely uses anything but sunscreen on his face.


So if anyone is interested I will report back in about a week and let you know of my hubby's results.  At least with this experiment he will get something on his face every night!


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