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I'm trying to legalize my home studio- I have insurance and am licensed, but want to make sure I'm crossing my Ts and dotting my Is...it is verrry hard to find a comprehensive checklist of what my home studio is required to have in order to be legal. NY state has a lot of gray areas in the esthetician arena in general (see: tattoo removal etc). 

Do any of you have any experience with NY state home business laws?

Thank you so much!


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Hello, yes, I'm currently doing solo in my apartment that has separate entrance and exits, its own driveway. I went to the town, got the OK ....... I had to really advocate my business and to convince the Head of Home Inpection Dept. that it is NOT a MASSAGE business. it is prohibited in the law book because of "adult entertainment. Field of esthetics is a VERY GREY shade, so I had to explain that we're a step UNDER a dermatologist and we do not diagnose and write scripts. I explained that its a skincare "clinic" and that I cater to those with severe skin condition. So... bottom line, there is nothing in the book that says ESTHETICIAN CAN"T run a business in the home. ....... We did, however, had to change apartment from "living" space to "business" space. And that is where we had to get a permit, Cert. of Occupancy, ... all that wonderful stuff. I have wonderful support from my hubby to get me thru this. Although I told the neighbors in the area, and they're all seem ok w/ it, its a peace of mind to do things the right way, so no one would call to complain. and that's the bottom line. Good luck :)

Hello NY esties-- thank you for this post as I will soon be moving to NY after 30 years.  I've been an esty for the past 17 and am 57yrs young so this will be a challenge.  Can you give me an update on how you are doing?  Has the home-based biz worked for you?  I will have to transfer my license to NY and find a home but eventually will have to do something with my equipment which I will be paying big bucks to ship.  It almost seems like California has the same restrictions.

Thank you for any help you can offer!


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