This is just downright scary and underscores why all hair, nail and skin care professionals should maintain their own liability insurance - no matter where they work.  Imagine how a jury is going to feel about this woman's injuries....

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This is awful! Yes we should be carrying insurance, however it says alot more about WHO is doing waxing! If you have  not been properly trained and have a license to perform waxing it you should not be doing it in the first place. Places like this nail salon should be inspected more and the people doing waxing should be licened to do so. This nail tech did not even have a consent or health form on the client, even if the client paid in cash there should be documentation on every client.  I am glad I carry even Student insurance and I am being taught, document and never never ever double dip!

OMG. This is disgusting and sad at the same time. I feel bad for the lady. I hate to say it but when people go to nail salons without proper licensing these things can happen. I have had to correct many eyebrows that were done at nail salons. 

Also a good story about why you should NEVER double-dip!

I'm trying to figure out if the wax was THAT hot, then why would the client allow her to apply on the other eyebrow?   In addition to the double dip issue,   I'm wondering if the client was using Accutane or retin-A ..i'm sure the nail salon didn't ask that question.   Ugh

How very sad and scary. I have ALL my waxing clients fill out a waxing consent form, so that I know if they are on any medications that would be contraindications and also to CYA. You can find these forms on ASCP's website.


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