Hi there.  I just heard about the concept of Peel Parties today.  I haven't done them and was looking for any information, experience or suggestions you might have. 

I do spray tanning and have done spray tanning parties - I was thinking this might be done in a similar fashion.  My primary concern would be choosing the right products for each individual.  Perhaps a more gentle peel?

Thanks for any advice or comments.

Julia in Woodinville, WA

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What about Spa Parties?
Hi There! I haven't done peel parties-that seems contrary to the significance and seriousness of the peel, to me, because there could be contraindications and they aren't for everyone. However I do offer spa parties where I sell a lot of product and book services!! Email me at emilie@graceskincaresolutions.com and I will send you outline suggestions!!!
Can i have the outline too please!? And the products. Thank you in advance Summerr

Emilie -  Sounds like you are the girl with the golden egg.  Would you be able to post your outline here or as a blog post.  Thanks so much for your insight!


Hi, I would love to hear also, sounds like a lot of people are interested in this idea!!!



Hello Emilie!  I use Image skin care.  I would love to see your outline for the spa parties.  Thank you!  deedeesmiles@hotmail.com

Thank you for your advice! 


Emilie, could you please tell me what you do for your spa parties?

I agree!  Too chaotic and hard to convey the significance of a peel or give that client my full attention.  I don't think I would do it.

oh, I forgot to put my email yardley10@gmail.com thank you again!

Hi Emilie, Could I have the outline too, and the products...Thank You ..dnails@optonline.net

I agree about the peels. How do you run the spa parties? Do you do it in your salon or at their home? skinwellnessbyrenee@gmail.com


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