Hello, has anyone taken the leap and joined a salon studio where you can rent your own room to perform facials, waxing, etc? I’m afraid I won’t retain most of my clients making the move but am hopeful I can gain new clients from the stylists as I would be the only facialist in the building. It’s also located in a very walkable and trendy neighborhood. Has the salon suite idea been successful for estheticians? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks. 

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Based on what I know, the hair care clients do not transfer and the business model of hair with the addition of estie is not a goldmine.  Walking through a hair / nail or just hair or just nail is NOT what the spa client is normally looking for so my advice would be to not do it but to work with the networking aspect of what you are looking into.

I am sure there are some who have made what you ask successful but I feel it is not the norm.

Best of luck to you.

Marty Glenn



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