Just wanted to get some opinions on steps during the facial.  I have been experiencing withb different things in my home spa, and i also recieved a facial the other day and it was very different from mine.

Do you start with the skin peel (Salacidic) with no steam and then continue facial as normal? OR do the skin peel in place of the extractions in the middle of the facial? 


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You did not get a response from anybody because of this:  (Salacidic)

So please go and learn about the differences between an AHA and BHA and TCA and Jessner.  Learn about time dependent acids and volume dependent acids and how they function and how they interact with the stratum corneum (sc) and deeper layers into the skin. Learn about acids that need to neutralized and others that do not and others that are protein coagulators.

Because they are all very different and you need to understand that and that will help you with protocols.  An experience esti can make up to 10 protocols for the same person based on their understanding of the actives and the skin they are treating. An experienced esti does not need steps.  If you do, you need more education and training.

Asking the steps or following the steps of a skincare lines recommendation is the sure sign of someone who does not understand the full depth of the actives they are using and I see that within your question. So with that said, there is no point in answering you. But trust me when I say that with my response I have helped you in ways you cannot imagine and I hope you take my advice.

Also, your first question involves 'Facial' and then you bring up 'Acid'.  Well that is easy for me to answer: A facial and a chemical peel are two different procedures and you should not combine then into one.

Best of luck to you. The information you need is out there and easy to find. Then post your question again if you still need to. 

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science


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