I'm looking for an option to using  steamer for deep cleansing and extractions. I have a hot towel warmer and i can use it to activate enzymes but I'm also wondering if anyone would recommend a good way to open up the pores without steam? what about the Lucas atomizer? does this work well enough for steaming prior to extraction without dehydrating the skin?

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Hi, Forlle'd Skincare ( Japanese  brand)  professional programmes use double cleansing system , where you do not need  to use steamer for dry or sensitive skin . 

The process combines two products that work together : 

The first step makes use of an oil-based ( squalane based )cleanser (Hyalogy P-effect clearance cleansing) with light massage , which removes makeup, oil buildup, and other impurities from the skin, soften up the sebum  . The second step involves foam or soap with water (Hyalogy P-effect Creamy Wash, or Re-Purerance Wash), which really helps scrub away any remaining dirt. Than you remove impurities with a wet hot compress. This is great way specifically if skin needs intensive cleansing but should not be over-dried



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