I am new to the group. I am a RN attending esthetics school and graduate in May. I plan to work at a Med Spa about 3 days a week (job lined up and hope it works out!) but I also would love to have a home spa business doing mainly facials, peels, and lash extensions. Any advice or tips on getting started would be greatly appreciated. It will be a slow process for me as I don't want to spend a fortune right off the bat. Do any of you have separate entrances to your spa area? I am just starting to gather information. I know I need a business license and need to adhere to all the regulations.

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I have a client moving to just outside of Little Rock. Send me info. when you ready to get started and i will let her know, Go to waxbitch.com to contact me or on this forum. Any plans to do waxing? People are always looking for a competent waxer. I highly recommend a website and putting it on your vehicle with the services you offer. Very low cost surprisingly and you will become a traveling billboard. I knew a woman who put her phone number on her vehicle but it invites creepers to randomly call you.

Hi Jennifer. I will probably not be doing much waxing although I think it is a great service for clients. I will offer waxing for brows or face but no body waxing. I think the car sign is an awesome idea but my husband will most likely be against putting my cell # on there and yes, guys can be creepy! I will let you know when I get set up. Thanks for your input.

you can get a free google voice number and all the calls will get forwarded to your cell


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