Torn between the ones on and Shelley Hancock's. Anyone use either or both and can share info?

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Awesome plan you have, Sheila! It's next to impossible to get into certification classes for peels and micro here in WI. There are about 2 classes a year offered at one school. It's so annoying!!

And as affordable as the 3 pack is, I can only handle one right now. If I were to order just one, which type would be the best one to order for acne scars, hyperpigmentation, lines???

Sarah it depends on skin type and condition I think- maybe get med and add if you like. I find 3 treatments are key 3-6 weeks apart ( more than 6 is ok ...and one treatment is good start. So far 5 clients did 6 treatments and that's what I saw- 3 results good and 6 they were pleased!! I have used about 25 times overall besides those ( some family or friends) so Im not seasoned- but practiced ;). I think you will be able to tell when they need replaced from results and feel/look. They stress cleaning and keeping wet ( don't let skin dry). Clean with brush- etc. I plan to have mine 2 years ( fingers crossed) if I used more a year would be more accurate. Shelly H is the pro to talk to! I don't remember if I got from her or online but I know they are same and I picked Shelly's brain so I hope she gets some credit if I didn't :))
I have all 3 and tend to use medium on most people and more frequently. I have had for around 6 months and used the fine on hands, sensitive or thin skin. I only used the Coarse one body and feet- I used on myself when I first got and just decided to keep it for body area- only reasons is my own crazy way of thinking and although goes through 3 germicidal/hospital grade cleansers then sanitizer - I'm weird. Never had any issues with it myself or heard of any. Works great on body with some Umph! I use med on face, neck and chest ( also fine) depend but 90% of time trying to do area takes a while for me so as add on they choose one area ( or 2) for $25 and it takes me 5-12 min. As part of facial I started alone as own facial and since I customize that changed quick. My Intro price to introduce dermafiles with mini facial was $65 for one month. They could add 2 more after for $99. Everyone i used on reg loves- I pretty much just add on now. My location is odd- I AM MoVing soon though!!! Wohoooo! Not odd but the set up and area. So my prices are average or lower end ( I think). Works for now!

I'm so happy to see ya'll getting excited about these fabulous tools!!  Don't be afraid of the coarse file though. It's really great for that thick sun damaged skin and male skin. It has to do with the pressure you use when filing. You can use the coarse with only the weight of the file and it's not really that harsh....or you can use the coarse and get in there with some pressure to achieve a deep exfoliation. Make sense? Have fun!!

I have used all three.. and love them!  I did in fact replace my micro. machine with them.  I've used them on wet (water) skin, lightly over glycolic cleansers and enzymes.  Always beautiful results. 

One thing I do regret is advertising as Dermafile treatment.  Clients are finding them on Amazon for $200.  One client told me she had found them on Amazon when she googled Dermafile to see what they were (even though I have a video on my website demonstrating a treatment).  She has ordered her own set of 3!! and wanted to know if I would lower my price if she brought in her own.  She also stated, once she'd had a treatment with me she would do her own Dermafile treatment at home and it would save her so much money.   I may change the name of the treatment and lose the Dermafile reference altogether. 

Billy...I'm so happy you wrote this post. My distributors on amazon are supposed to be getting esthetic license numbers for all orders they take. This is not cool. I am so sorry. I will have a word with them.

On the bright side...I'm happy to hear that you love your dermafiles!!

Thank you Shelley.  Good to know.  I'm so happy I have them.  I also use on dry skin, really the same procedure as for the NewApeel Diamond Micro.  Love them!  :-)  Looking forward to seeing in August!

Hey Shelley, just went to Amazon and checked on Dermafile and it clearly states "must provide esthetician license number."  Hopefully they will stay on top of this and keep them out of clients hands. 

I just made up my mind. I am buying Shelley Hancock's. I am not very experienced at esthetics at all and always need help or have questions. I love having access to a group like this. This group made you another sale, Shelley!

Hi Elaine.....looks like this thread was started quite some time ago. I sold the Dermafiles for about 6 years I believe. Fabulous tool! I have moved on to another exfoliating tool though. The DermaDisc.  Great exfoliation now on a vibrating hand piece. You'll have to contact Dermafile directly if you are interested in it.

Here's the info on the DermaDisc:

Hi Shelley,

Can you tell me why you stopped marketing the dermafile and decided to offer dermadisc instead? What are some of the benefits of the dermadisc, especially in comparison to the dermafile? 



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