I know that not all estheticians are cut out to do acne treatments.  We all come into this profession from so many different angles.  But, if you do get excited at the thought of extractions, this is a huge opportunity for you to build up a business really quickly.


When you know what you are doing with acne (it's not that hard), you can be the local expert in your community.  People will beat down your door to get an appointment!  Once I focused on just treating acne clients, my business skyrocketed!  I had to keep adding employees to keep up with the demand.  I am now up to eight employees.


Back in the day, it was more difficult to build up a clientele because word-of-mouth just wasn't that great for acne because it's such a sensitive issue.  However, with on-line review sites where people can post anonymously and tout your abilities, that has all changed. 


As most of you know, dermatologists are woefully inadequate when it comes to helping people with their acne.  They all pretty much have the same routine for anyone who comes to see them (and this is worldwide I am finding out.....).  This creates a HUGE opportunity because there is such a HUGE need.


Believe me, I used to be all-thing-to-all-people and it was scary to niche market.  But I am elated that I did because it really paid off; and now it's paying off for estheticians who have that calling to help acne sufferers!  My wholesale clients have seen their businesses and profits soar after taking the risk to focus on acne as their main business.


And, not only is it financially rewarding, it is the most emotionally rewarding thing in the world to see someone's skin clear up.  It changes their life.

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@Julie - I don't offer courses anymore; but my dvd is very comprehensive and includes everything that we do at my acne clinic to get the incredible results that we get.

Proven Strategies for Treating Acne Training DVD

I am a new Esthetician, well not even new, I just took my test on January 6, 2012.  However, I am leaning toward specializing in  Ethnic Skin Care, Acne, and Anti-aging.  I would like to get training on the Ethnic Skin Care and Acne.  I have adult onset acne so that is my passion as well as makeup.

I also want to have my own private label.

Any suggestions on any and all of the above would be greatly appreciated.

I have a comprehensive training DVD - Proven Strategies for Treating Acne.  It covers all aspects of treating all the different types of acne and on all different types of skin (including ethnic skin).   We have a wholesale acne skin care line as well.  We don't do private label, but if you would like to know more about our program, email me - laura@facerealityacneclinic.com


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