Currently do esthetics work from home and was thinking about getting a office space ? Any tips or concerns I should look into

I'm in North Carolina and I'm a current independent esthetician.. Should I purchase a LLC or insurance

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If it were me as a solo esthi, I wouldn't move into an office space unless & until I was so busy, I just couldn't schedule one more person in my home space.  It's easy to underestimate all the costs involved with dedicated space, so do some research on how much it would REALLY cost and figure out how much business you'd need to do for it to make sense.  Here's the best business advice I've been given: keep your fixed costs LOW for as long as you can, otherwise you risk all your money coming in and all your money going right back out, with only the names changed to protect the innocent.  

Hi Tamara,

until my recent home purchase I too was working from a home studio. The room I wanted to use in my new home is far too small, so I have branched out. I would recommend Getting angry LLC (legal zoom) add it will protect your personal assests and insurance is a must, I use (ASCP) . You might want to look into a salon suite, I just signed up with Phenix salon suites, they are popping up everywhere. They have a reasonable weekly or monthly rate, you can transform, paint, and decorate your personal suite. I plan on staying there for a while, so I'm power decorating this week in anticipation of my return from being closed for a month, luckily my books are full already. I talked to a manager on Friday for keys on Sunday, installed a new sink on Sunday, had the place painted last night, baseboards go in this morning, moving equipment in tomorrow and setting up the rest is the weekend. Check it out. It's a great option without all the other headaches of running a whole place on your own, and cheaper too. I live right in DC and managed to get the last suite at the closest ones to me which is a ten minute walk walking commute from home. Also, with the way of the tiered esthetics licencing, I don't need to have any other licence than my estheticians license. The salon holds a business license and managers license and the health department already comes there. I found all of this out when I went to the DCRA yesterday. A waste of my time, but informative and learning around bureaucracy. I hope this helps and much luck.
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