How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery

Most skin care, even anti-aging, products are setting us all up into thinking that our skin can make do with one-shot fits-all solutions formulations, and they do that by loosely adding the phrase, Fits all skin types in the labels.  We got big news for your, Lady, and that is that your skin was handmade specially for you. That means, your skin care should suit it and that your loose neck skin treatment must match it. 

Lets Get Straight 

Turkey neck is the aftermath of aging but also of a host of other factors that range from your inadequate skin care, all the way to your unbalanced diet. Thats why, even when a product, like a LifeCell Cream, is packed with all the nutrients your neck skin could possibly need, it will likely not be good enough to single-handedly correct your most pressing neck skin issue ever.

Here is a list of the 5 best treatment options to improve on your turkey skin:

1.  Jack Up Your Neck Skin Moisture.  

For decades, people tend to forget to bring down the healing power of their moisturizers and anti-aging creams all the way down to their neck skin. Now that imperfections on your neck skin have made it apparent, you shouldnt forget to use on your neck whatever product you are using for your face. 

If youre keen on getting a more specialized solution for your neck skin, check out moisturizers and firming creams formulated most especially for the neck area. Look for elasticity, moisture, and circulation enhancing ingredients that include white willow bark extract, hyaluronic acid, peptides, soy isoflavones, and collagen when choosing your products.

2.  Start toning your neck muscles.  

Certain yoga poses, including facial yoga, have firming effect on your neck skin. Make it a habit to stretch and move your neck sideways, upwards, and around, even when youre seated on your work table.  Chewing gum is a good way to help work on the firmness of your neck muscles too but, for the sake of your teeth, pick up a sugar-free gum for this purpose.

3.  Skin Tightening and Resurfacing Treatments.  In most cases, turtle neck skin is discovered later. Although a LifeCell Cream may still be able to help in this situation, advanced stages of neck skin damage call for more advanced treatments.  Lucky for you, these days, laser and radio frequency treatments to address saggy skin have already been perfected, and show real improvements that you can see and feel. While these procedures generally do not entail downtime, the downside is that it may take several sessions before you see improvements.

Solvaderm Skin Care Tool

4.  Professional Chemical Peels.  The beauty of chemical peels is that these treatments have been around long enough to have been well-tried and tested for both efficacy and safety.  There is a wide range of chemical strengths available for you and your skin care specialist to choose from, depending on your skin tolerance, skin type, age, extent of damage, and intensity of change you want to see.  Closely follow any pre- and post-treatment care that your specialist will prescribe to help prevent irritations and infections.

5.  Microdermabrasion.  This works in the same way as chemical peels with the same goal of boosting collagen production by faking surface damage. In this procedure, your skin is systematically wounded superficially to eliminate the damaged skin and hasten the production of a new skin layer to facilitate skin renewal and turnover.

Step It Up 

When it comes to your skin, its never enough that you rely only on products and procedures to do the rejuvenating and repairing job for your sake. You have to do your share by making healthier choices.  Start with the following:

• Enhance your sun care strategy. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or up, broad spectrum, with loads of antioxidants to your neck everyday.

• Load up on good food. Derive skin healing Omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

• Hydrate from within. Drink plenty of mineral-rich water.  Shake and blend veggies and fruits.

• Regulate sugar intake. Too much sugar in your system degrades your skin.

• Sleep.  Its the best rejuvenating treatment you can ever get.

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Bond girl, Halle Berry, was once quoted as saying, Aging is natural, and that's going to happen to all of us.... I just want to always look like myself, even if that's an older version of myself. When aging has taken a stronghold, accepting how your aged skin looks can be tough but, not if youve worked out a confidence like Halle Berry has.




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