Natural Eye Makeup Tips For Better Looks

Everybody’s going for the no makeup look these days.  Not only because it’s been the “in” thing to do this past decade but also more because women are finally beginning to appreciate how fewer makeup results in more impact.


Getting your natural eye makeup right


Most people would think that just because it’s a natural, no makeup look, that the techniques would be much simpler than a full makeup, dark smoky eyes look. Not!  Here are 9 tips and tricks so that you can nail that natural eye beauty every time:


Tip No. 1:  Give your skin a deep but quick treatment.  

Contrary to popular belief, a no-makeup look requires beautiful, bare naked skin.  After cleansing and toning, follow through with a simple treatment routine that nourishes your entire skin but also emphasizing special eye care. Eye care products will help restore the moisturized and renewed look of skin around your eyes.


Tip No. 2:  Cover up your under eye dark circles and Wrinkles.  

After plumping your dark circles with moisturizing ingredients, even out the skin tone, brighten and bring it forward.  First, take your BB cream.  Dot spread, and pack evenly across your face.  Next, take your concealer in the salmon shade and cover up your wrinkles with it.  Use a concealer brush for better coverage.  Then, top off again with your BB cream.


Tip No. 3:  Frame your eyebrows.  

If you’ve been taming your eyebrows regularly as part of your regular eye care, this step should not give you any difficulty at all.  However, if your eyebrow hair is bushy and all over the place, you might as well begin by trimming and threading or tweezing those unruly tiny hairs first.


Tip No. 4:  Use a concealer to prep and texturize your eyebrows and eyelids and to keep your makeup from slipping.  

This step is particularly useful and a must for women who have excessively oily skin.  Make sure you got your Roc Eye Cream or a similar product already applied underneath before taking this step.


Tip No. 5:  Use a white powder and highlighter to pull your eyes forward.  

Use white powder from your eye palette to line your eyelids with.  This will brighten up your eye colors later and bring out their true color.  Use highlighter for your waterline to open up your eyes and make these appear larger and full of life.  Color your tear duct with it too.  Use a highlighter powder to brighten your under eye area some more.  Keep it sheer and subtle.


Tip No. 6:  Make a gradient out of the colors in your nude palette.  

Start applying the lightest shade you can find in your chosen nude, whether it is a brown or a mauve, pink or peach.  Next, choose at least two other darker shades from the same palette.  Pick up your second color in the lighter shade.  Deposit the product in the outer corner of your eye then bring the color in.  Spread and buff lightly.  Then, pick up your product and do the same technique.


Tip No. 7.  Line your eyes.  

This time, without the wings for a natural look.  Use only light shades of brown to line your top and bottom eyelids with.  Line only from the outer corner to the center, no need to line all the way to your tear ducts.


Tip No. 8:  Put on colored contact lenses.  

Make your eyes stand out with a wild eyes contact lenses that are not far off from your natural lens color


Tip No. 9:  Curl your eyelashes and put on your mascara.  

Want to know how you can do it faster?  Simply use your blower to heat up your curler.  Test the warmth with your fingers and then press down.  You don’t need a thick mascara to get your natural look right.  So, just let your spool brush touch the tips of your eyelashes and you’re done.




Not even a good makeup can best an already great looking skin.  So, spend more time nourishing your skin rather than covering it up.

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