SO, I have seen on here where people are having lots of questions about booth rent space, contracts, and what to do about concerns about their space.  I would like to take a moment and list some things to consider when you are looking into booth rent/renting space/hiring on at a new place.

  • What kinds of treatments will be offered.

I once worked at a spa that offered body treatments for 60$ an hour about after cleaning up after the mud mess, I was making $0. So mark it down to what is possible per hour.

  • What kind of space is available.

  I once worked at a place that my room was really too small for waxing. Difficult to move around in and the floor was carpet.

  • What about retail, licenses, website, and scheduling

 I was required to sell so much each month and I had limits to what I was Supposed to sell.

  • What about heat/air conditioning. Who controls that?
  • What about water, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • What is the pay scale/commission/Booth Rent and what does it INCLUDE. 
  • What kinds of incentives, education, and perks are offered?

For example: I worked at a place that offered free tickets to the hair shows/educational workshops. Worth every penny.

  • What are the conditions for trading services?
  • Are there other Estheticians? Do you share a room?  What are the conditions for sharing a room?
  • Who operates the facebook page/website/email lists?

 This is IMPORTANT.  I had a spa owner spell my name incorrectly on the website and it was never changed.

  • What about signage, brochures, and parking?
  • Advertising! Who does it and what kinds of advertising do they do?

I was once offered a promise in an interview to have my picture taken and placed as a welcome in the newspaper. It never happened in the 5 years I was there until I wrote an article myself that the paper published.

  • Who buys products, tools, machines, sheets, towels, wax, etc.

Just a few considerations.  Make sure to get EVERYTHING in writing!!!! Don't rely on anyone's good intentions.  If you are hired on, make sure to get what the job entails IN WRITING! It's super important!  That way, if they change their mind or add/subtract later, you have documentation.

Good Luck!

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Comment by Nandy B on March 21, 2014 at 5:31pm

i need this perfect timing. Good stuff Amy!

Comment by Amy Sherman on March 19, 2014 at 11:17am
And If anyone has anything I've forgotten, feel free to add to this list!

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