Signs That You Need an Anti-aging Skincare Regimen

Sandra Bullock once narrated how her son once asked her about the lines on her face. “He asked me why I have wrinkles, and I said, ‘Well, I hope some of them are from laughing so much.’” Truth is, everybody gets those wrinkles, and the only thing that makes the difference is when you get them.

Signs Of The Times

People come up with many scientific and bizarre ways to hold off skin aging, from creams made with apple tree stem cells to face masks made from snail mucus. A LifeCell Cream review or, a similar product review, is invaluable, given the vast volume of treatment options laid out before you.

So, how do you know that you need to shift to an anti-aging skin care regimen? Here are 7 signs:

1. Enlarged pores.

Roughened up skin and aging itself causes pores to enlarge. Other than the less than silky smooth surface

2. Dry skin.

With aging comes your skin’s compromised moisture capture and holding capacity. No longer does it have spongelike qualities that keep your skin looking dewy.

3. Dull and blotchy skin.

Since aging skin is drier, your complexion becomes lifeless as well.

4. Fine lines and wrinkles.

Dryness and years of damage make your skin lose elasticity. Lines and creases fail to stretch back to their pre-expression state.

5. Saggy skin.

Loss of firmness also leads to loose, saggy skin, including droopy eyes, falling cheeks, and aging neck skin. The continuous loss of the fat layer also contributes to this aging skin condition.

6. Age spots.

Accumulated sun damage leave dark spots on your skin caused by melanin. Over the years, these grow and spread throughout exposed skin surfaces.

7. Hyper pigmentation and other skin discolorations.

Just like age spots, large patches of darkened skin may appear as a result of melanin. In some cases, pigmentation is lost, causing pale white patches on the skin.

Your Anti-Aging Skin Care

Listed below are 10 of the most common causes of skin aging and how you can address each one to correct the damages that have already been done while also preventing or delaying new damages to be inflicted on your skin.

1. Sun exposure.

UV damage is the top cause of skin aging. So, if skin diseases seem too far-fetched for you, maybe a wrinkle feels closer and more personal. In fact, UV damage results to all of the 7 signs of skin aging enumerated above. While a LifeCell review may be able to help you identify a viable corrective solution, the best way to address aging skin is to shield your skin from sun exposure. Stay in the shade, wear your sunscreen, and keep as much of your skin surface covered.

2. Senescence.

Aging cannot be helped because it is how your body was programmed. There’s no other way but to age. Still, there are many ways by which you can delay signs of skin aging, just keep reading to get the best ideas how.

3. Improper skin care regimen.

Don’t wait until you see a wrinkle pop up before you tweak your skin care. You need to incorporate more of those “anti-aging” ingredients, including antioxidants and a more robust sun care strategy to keep the damage off.

4. Harsh chemicals in your products.

Toxic products cause permanent damages to your skin and affect your overall health and well-being so be more discerning about the products that you use.

5. Pollution.

Dust and dirt clog your pores which can come with environmental toxins that can permanently damage your skin.


It’s practically self-pollution with at .

7.Chronic stress.

Stress causes oxidation which floods your body with free radicals ready to damage your cells. Learn to relax and schedule periodic breaks to help your body recover from damages.


If you miss too much of those rejuvenating nightly repairs, your signs of skin aging aggravate. Hit the bed in time to make at least 7 hours of sleep.

9. Poor diet.

Give your body the nutrients it needs to fuel cell growth and repair. Eat fresh and unprocessed.

10. Lack of exercise.

Keep your normal blood circulation flowing

Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Tips For Radiant Skin !


Don’t wait until the tell-tale signs of skin aging begin to creep up on you. There are countless ways that you can protect your skin and address aging skin even before your wrinkles show. It’s never too early to be on an anti-aging skin care regimen. Just make sure it is the proper skin care right for you.

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