What do Skin Specialists say about Fake Tans for a Suntan?

A majority of the women search for their ideal cosmetic products from cosmetic shops, supermarkets, malls or in clinics. What is mostly followed is what they want to treat. For example, if a woman wants to get rid of the acne scars and get a better skin appearance, she will just go and ask for the best cosmetic product that will deliver what she wants. When a woman knows the kind of cosmetic product she requires, she will just utter the name and the product is given to her.

Ideally this is not approved when it comes to skin treatments in most cases.  Some cosmetic products are not recommended for any type of skin and that is why many suffer from irritation, burns and so on. When buying a cosmetic product, there are instructions to be followed commonly written on the bottle or a tin of the product. At times, if the shop attendant may also provide necessary information in case he or she is experienced in that field.

Fake tans are highly accessed and there are many types that can produce the desired results. However, many of them have side effects that can’t be realized in a short while. Apart from making your skin glow, some fake tans go ahead to;

  • Attack and affect the cells
  • They can alter one’s DNA
  • They can cause severe burning when exposed to the sun
  • They can cause mutation and other long-term effects in the deeper layers of the skin
  • One can be limited to other cosmetic procedures like laser treatments
  • Spraying tans pose a long possible attack on the lungs in case of inhalation  

One’s main goals must not be short focused; the best dermatologist in Punjab, says, but rather, look ahead to the possible life threatening effects of some tanning cosmetic products. Another common incidence when purchasing the cosmetic products is the habit of spraying and smelling the products immediately.

Some cosmetic products consist of strong chemical components such as dihydroxyacetone and others that are absorbed into the skin and circulate more easily causing all sorts of side effects like

  • Irritation
  • Burning
  • Dermatitis for a long period of time
  • The prolonged circulation of these components into the skin and the skin is a major source of skin cancer in women.
  • There are also possibilities that the melanocytes are damaged that can cause depigmentation

Rather than finding your own cosmetic product, it is important that you first seek consultation with the best dermatologist in Phagwara to carry out some tests in order to avoid any possible negative outcomes from the cosmetic product.

How to avoid the side effects

  • Follow the dermatologist’s advice
  • Do not use the cosmetic product from one month to another in case it’s made of strong chemicals
  • Take enough water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Use a sunscreen lotion before going into the sun
  • Apply baby oil on the skin after showering
  • Avoid smoking during the use of these tanning products

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