What Is The Most Effective Solution To Reduce The Cellulite?

Americans are spending big time cash on cellulite reduction procedures, US $13.4 billion more specifically, in 2015 alone, that is, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Its not hard to understand why for two reasons. First, cellulites cause more than just vanity troubles, people lose self-esteem over them.  Second, for a long time, there wasnt any viable treatment that tackled the root causes of cellulite until now.


Hope Springs

Currently, there are three non-surgical procedures that are guaranteed to beat the best cellulite cream that is

Dermisa Skin Fade which is must try.  These three procedures put the A back into the cellulite reduction game as soon as the root causes of cellulites were better understood only in recent years.  Here are the cellulites facts that you should know to understand why the three procedures we will reveal later are revolutionary:


Fact No. 1: Cellulites Are Caused By Unwanted Fats And The Tough Skin Fibers That Trap Them In.  


Before this fact was understood, there has been no real solution that ever went down to the root causes of cellulites. Finally skin care science revealed that the combined pulling down of skin fibers and the pushing up of bulging fat are what causes orange peels to appear.


Fact No. 2: Liposuction Will Not Resolve Your Cellulite Problem.  


Liposuction is a localized solution to facilitate elimination of unwanted fats.  The fats that cause cellulites, however, are located just beneath the surface layer of your skin and is not flowing through the blood stream.  A liposuction procedure will suck fat from way under your skin, and will completely miss the trapped fats just below your outer skin layer.


Fact No. 3: Nobody Knows For Sure How Skin Fibers And Fats That Make Up Your Cellulites Form.  


Unlike knowing for a long time that hyper pigmentation can be corrected by a melanin-inhibiting treatment like hydroquinone or retinol, theres still no telling how fibers and fats that make up cellulites form but, there are contributing factors that either improve or, exacerbate the situation.


The most important factor to consider, believe it or not, is gender.  Women are predisposed to develop noticeable cellulites for two main reasons, that is, due to their loose  skin structure compared to that of men, and due to estrogen driving a womans body to store more fat as opposed to mens testosterone causing them to store and build more muscle.  Although this may sound unfair, it is rather a womans bodys way of preparing for the demanding phases of child bearing, delivery and rearing.


The Three Solutions That Make You Go, Bye, Bye Cellulites!


We countdown three of the best cellulite reduction procedures you should consider when your cellulites are giving you vanity and confidence nightmares.  What else should you do with scientific breakthroughs, right?  


Top 3: Cellfina.  


This technique uses a needle to do three things using three subcisions: deliver anaesthesia, cut the skin fiber, and then, deliver a solution that is formulated to melt the fat. Results are immediate but, if the treatment area is broad, you may be required to come in for more than one session. This is an effective mechanism for reducing cellulites however, it still introduces a foreign solution into your body which is why we rank it at 3.


Top 2: Endermologie. 


This technique is completely non-invasive,  It involves using a device that alternately massages and sucks on the surface of your skin. The sucking action is designed to snap the skin fibers while the massaging action is intended to loosen up the fat and reintroduce it to the bloodstream where it will be eliminated. It takes several sessions to see noticeable results so it isnt the top choice if you want results now.


Top 1: Cellulaze.  


Uses the same mechanism as the other two except that it uses a pen-type tool to cut through the fibers and melt away the fats that cause your cellulites to appear.

Cellulite - A Big Stubborn of Women



All three procedures are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for cellulite reduction purposes, and all have been shown to redound to improvements that last up to 2 years and beyond.  Still, maintenance is a must, and the most important things you must do after treatment is to keep to a balanced diet and regular exercise. Take it from Khloe Kardashian who said, “All the circuit training, its cardio circuit training, so everything you’re doing, you’re still running up your heart rate. You’re burning, I think, triple the amount of calories than if you were just weight lifting”.

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