I hope I can get some direction on how to move ahead with my career.  I am working as an esthetician part time in a salon and spa,  I took the additional courses for laser procedures and tattoo removal hoping to move to a full time job at a med spa.  but, everyone wants people with experience 2 or more years in  most cases.  How do you break into this field?  Any
Aestheticians out there with some thoughts on how to do this?

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You may have to find work from a business that is willing to train. These businesses typically don't require experience and any training you already possess will be a plus to them. Also network, you never know when an esty you meet will give you a tip on when their workplace is hiring. Remember that the right person is often better than the wrong person with the right credentials, so knowing the right people can sometimes get someone recommending you for a position.

Thanks for your input.  I'll keep looking!


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