A lash lift and black tint was done on one of my clients.  The tint on her upper lashes took very well but her bottom lashes did not get nearly as dark, nor did it last very long.  I'm guessing that the upper lashes took better because they were chemically processed by the lift, where the lower lashes were not, but she wants them the same color. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the tinting product that was used, maybe it just wasn't a very good one, or because of the lift process. So, before I give her any advice or try anything to help her with this, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and,if so, what did you do to help your client?  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated by the both of us!! Thx!!

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Sometimes, shorter lashes on the bottom pull in when a client's eyes are closed. This can happen depending on your client's bone structure and lash length. If this happens, you may need to apply product to the lower lash line with the eyes open. I only recommend this if you have a very steady hand and a client that can keep their eyes open and still. I've had years of experience tinting and I know it's possible but not every esthetician has a steady enough hand or a client that doesn't flinch too much to do it safely. Try using an angle brush, brush off excess product onto a cotton or tissue, and load only a little at time. You may roll a clean qtip under the lashes to help prevent getting it excessively on the skin. I also prefer to tint my client's lashes after lifting rather than during. My clients have always preferred the results this way but it does take more time for the service, so it may not work depending on how you charge for the service.

BTW, other trouble shooting factors can include oily residue on the lashes, make sure you use a good lash cleanser or eye make up remover that is not at all oily before hand. Tell your clients no mascara before the service. Also some clients have watery eyes, and if they tear up, the tears roll downward and prevent the processing of the color on lower lashes.


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