I have a female client with ALOT of various acne issues.  (I asked her if she ever tried xyz and the answer is no. Omg!)  The obvious surface and deeply buried bumps are easily extracted; it's the tiny milia all over her face that would take hours to lance; what do you do about them?  Is lack of hydration the cause?  Product rritation?  She said she wears makeup so I recommended what I thought might be better makeup; Vapour, Mineralogie and Illuminaire.  Also recommended HA for hydration.  She wouldn't purchase because she has so much stuff she said. :(  Thanks for any advice.

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Hi BettyBliss - there's not much you can do about milia. It also is an inherited propensity like acne is. Also, you asked a question support for the FR training. Once you are certified, you will then be able to access the FR Certified Facebook group to ask questions of the group. You can always email our wholesale manager (whose email you got when you purchased the course). There is no support group for FR certifeds here on skincareprofessionals.com. 


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