Tips on How to Identify your Skin Type & Select Moisturizer Accordingly

If you’ve been paying close enough attention to your skin needs, you will have appreciated by now the benefits a moisturizer can bring to your skin. The benefits go well beyond just keeping your skin supple too, regardless of your skin type.


Why you should choose a moisturizer suited for your skin type


Moisturizers are among the daily must-haves your skin requires to stay young, beautiful and vibrant but, have you been making the right product choices?


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose a moisturizer that best complements your skin type:


  1.  Moisturizers are differently formulated.You can therefore expect these products to perform differently on your skin.  The texture and the composition are of primary concern and are the factors that give you a varied array of choices when it comes to moisturizing your skin.


  1.  Some moisturizers are simply too harsh for any skin type.Then, there are moisturizers that simply should never be used on any skin at all.  These are the moisturizers that contain toxic ingredients, particularly preservatives, such as formaldehyde, and if you want to be strict about your skincare, even the ones infused with fragrance and colorants which are among the most irritating chemicals you can put on your skin.


  1.  Some moisturizers are meant to deliver specific added benefits for your skin.There are moisturizers that double as a skin lightening cream.  If you already have pale or fair skin, you might not need one.  If you have dark spots and blemishes, this type of moisturizer can help you brighten your overall complexion.


  1.  Some moisturizers are specifically meant for use on aging skin only.While aging skin is generally dry skin, it has its own set of needs that are not necessary for younger skin types.   Then, if it contains photosensitizing ingredients like retinol, it should also be applied only at night.  In which case, you will need another moisturizer for daytime use.


  1.  Your skin behaves differently throughout the seasons.  Regardless of your skin type, you will almost certainly need a moisturizer in winter that is thicker, more enriched than your sheer, lightweight moisturizer in summer.  Nevertheless, the same moisturizer for winter may not be capable of serving the needs of any type of skin.


Tips on how to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type


  1.  Oily skin.  See, most women and men with oily skin think they don’t need a moisturizer.  Wrong!  Oily skin easily reacts to any indication of dryness on the surface by producing excessive amounts of oil to compensate for moisture loss.  That’s why, if you have oily skin, it remains to be in your best interest to moisturize.  Use oil-free, water-based, and lightweight moisturizers so you can refrain from adding grease to your already greasy skin.


  1.  Dry skin.  While moisturizer is always a must for this skin type, it’s the thick, richly formulated moisturizing products that benefits women and men born with this type of skin.  It could be the underproduction of natural skin oils or it can be excessive surface water loss that is causing your skin to be drier than normal.  Moisturizers that contain deep penetrating essential oils, and the moisture locking power of humectants or ceramides will greatly complement your dry skin.


  1.  Combination skin.  If you have combination skin, your skin can be a lot more problematic and challenging to manage than the two previously discussed skin types.  You may have to use a different product for your oilier T-zone and the rest of your face.  Generally, you need heavier creams for the rest of your face and a lighter moisturizer for your t-zone.


  1.  Sensitive or acne-prone skin.  Try pure, cosmetic grade essential oils that are fragrance free.  These are the closest you can get to a natural skincare without irritating your skin with synthetic ingredients.  If you don’t know how to use essential oils, look for comedogenic moisturizers.


  1.  Aging skin.  This skin type can benefit from a moisturizer that doubles as a skin lightening cream, but also from products that contain retinol or any of its derivatives.  Loading the skin with antioxidants is also a great way to fight and reverse skin aging and damage.




Choose to love your skin more by using a moisturizer everyday. Show your skin you care by making the right product choices based on your skin type.

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