Looking for an amazing hard wax to fall in love with! Any suggestions? I have tried a couple of different waxes but I am not married to one yet. Please advise. 

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Hmmmm I have one, the only catch is that it's not quite ready yet.  It's my own wax that I'm working on.  Have been testing it for a while and I LOVE IT.  Should be coming out in the next couple of months.  If you get on my mailing list Tiffany I can keep you posted.  If you're interested, just go to www.thewaxchick.com and sign up for the newsletter. 

Thanks! I have signed up for the newsletter and plan on attending your workshop that is in socal in july! Thanks

Hi Tiffany,

Trying different waxes is always a good idea... We are offering samples of our European no strip waxes for free. You can request a sample by going to www.starpilwax.com/samp.html.

You can also visit our page for more info. Good luck with the search.


Perfect! I requested a sample can't wait to try it! 

I like Cirepil's Blue hard wax. I always get great results with it and it's easy to use. 

Cirepil Blue

I prefer the Berodin blue over the cirepil/  It's a little less stringy.

a lot of people like the Satin Smooth.  For me it tended to get brittle and not stay pliable - this tended to get worse the longer I had it. Could possibly been that the ingredients degraded over time. With all hard waxes I find it's important to make sure that you don't heat too much/too hot.

that's an excellent point Cindy.  Hard waxes are low temperature by nature, they should never be runny like a soft wax.

I know all wax pots are different but generally what temp do you heat yours too?


Rather than go by a specific temperature, it's easier to go by consistency.  Ideally, a hard wax at the right consistency should cling to the stick without running and dripping off. You should be able to have a nice ball of wax at the end of your stick.  Hope this helps.

I think i will try both and see which one I like better. Thanks for the tip

I like the Berodin Blue for the pliability. I have tried many and in 12 years I still like the same one.

Berodins blue hard wax is the best! My clients are always happy campers with this wax!
I have never torn,burnt,bruised etc anyone with this wax (technique is also major part but the wax is amazing!)
Doesn't break apart when pulling it,it's not stringy,it's the best! 


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