What is your no show/no call policy and how do you enforce it?

I have been having an issue lately, specially with my re-bookers from the Living Social deal I did, that they make an appointment right after their first service but don't show up for their 2nd appt.

I ask nicely after the first appt if they would like to re-book because maintenance is key to brazilian waxing and if they do, they get an email reminder the day before from schedulicity. However I am still having no show/no calls even though they can go online to change/cancel appt.

What is your no show/ no call policy? Is it different for regular clients, gift cert clients, special deal clients? How do you enforce it? How do you contact your clients about appts?


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I offer online booking as well, and clients get reminders via email the day before the appointment too. Not showing up is just plain rude and no calls is even ruder, however I like to give everyone the benefit of doubt. I call them to see what the reason for not coming is was, if it was a legitimate reason, i.e. sickness, family emergency, I give them a pass because "stuff" does happen, BUT if it's more like they forgot or had a meeting at work, etc. I tell them that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy and they were sent a reminder the day before so therefore they forfeited their voucher. I explain that they can use the dollar value of the voucher towards a full price/paid service, but they can no longer have the discounted service. Our time is money, and IF we had notice, we could possibly have scheduled someone else in their place. If it is not someone with a voucher then my policy is they will be charged full price of service reserved, which is clearly stated on my website and service menu. I enforce this very strictly, once you let them get away with it they will continue to do it on a regular basis. If they don't come back anymore then you need to ask yourself if you really them as a client anyway. Hope this helps ;)

What do you recommend in the case of them PRE-purchasing a discounted service via "groupon," and then they no call no show even after email reminder and a phone call?  

I treat it the same way I treat a gift cert redemption that is a NS/NC. It is voided of a service or price of service. I have this stated on my website under the Living Social client tab as well as in my policy tab. I have already had to enforce that one :(.

I.e.: A Living Social does a no show, I void their voucher. I either have their name or voucher # to do so.

Not sure if the rules vary from state to state, but in California, you still have to honor the price they paid, but they no longer get the discount. So for example if you sold a $80 facial for $40 they no longer can receive the facial for $40, BUT they can use that $40 towards a regular priced service.

excellent policy and reply.

How do you enforce it? Do you bill them? Reserve a credit card when they make an appt.?

I ran a groupon for Brazilian waxing as well and while I do use schedulicity for booking clients and they do get a 24hr reminder I still do a reminder by text 48hrs in advance and I let them know I need a confirmation
Text/call back within a certain time frame usually by the end of the day and a that time I let them know they can cancel or reschedule as well. 
I have alway done this and have been in business for almost 4 years and have had only 5 no shows. 
I also always do a 24hour follow up text after ALL first time appts even if they only had a brow or lip wax. I find that staying in contact with ALL clients personally helps. 
I reserve a credit card.

i am in a small market so I need to be a bit flexible, but this is my policy:

48 hour notice to cancel an appointment, 24 hours to change appt. if they cancel or change appt with less notice, they are obligated for 50% of the booked service, unless I can fill that spot. A no-show owes the full amount of the booked service. Regular clients get one get out of jail free card a year. New clients get no leeway. there are always exceptions to the rule, of course, accidents, illnesses etc. I have a small sheet detailing my cancellation  policy, and the client signs it. if they no show, they receive a phone call and an invoice. they are told that if they ignore the invoice, i will be unable to book any further services for them. if someone reserves using a gift card, i tell them if they no show the gift card is void.

i have been doing this for 10 yrs. it has been my experience that few will refuse to pay for a missed appt. you can usually spot them ahead of time anyway, they are the ones who want stuff for free, or who are 20 minutes late but still want their full service. the self-centered ones. if you give them a cookie, they want a glass of milk, lol.

its toough. I find it is better to have a stated, posted cancellation policy that you can choose to relax or enforce. if someone gives you lip, you can point to the sign and say, "hey, its posted".


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